Benjamin Hart
Founder, social media director, Facebook manager, site admin, podcast host, writer

Social media director, podcast host and the founder of The Star Wars Underworld, Benjamin, is a lifelong Star Wars fanatic that lives on the Mississippi Gulf coast. Ben also co-hosts the Intergalactic Peace Coalition Podcast discussing all things sci-fi fantasy. Beyond a Galaxy far, far away he enjoys photography, traveling and helping run the family business.

Contacts: benhartattack@gmail.comFacebook, Twitter

Chris Seekell
Webmaster, Facebook manager, site admin, podcast host, writer, convention reporter

The webmaster and podcast host for The Star Wars Underworld, Chris is a lifelong Star Wars fan from the New England region. His passions include graphic art, computer programming, linguistics, and social media marketing. Chris has contributed to various Star Wars related blogs, websites, and social media communities including The Lighter Side of the Force and Channel 1138.

Dominic Jones
Head writer, podcast host, podcast producer, convention reporter, Facebook manager, site admin, 

Head writer and podcast host for The Star Wars Underworld, Dominic is a die-hard Star Wars fan from Toronto, Canada. He loves all aspects of Star Wars from the movies, to the TV shows, to collecting, to the books & comics, to fan films and parodies. He has attended events all over the world including Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, D23, New York Comic Con, and more. His other interests include Baseball, Hockey, Harry Potter, and cinema.

Contacts: Twitter

Ciaran Duggan
Writer, podcast host

A website writer and podcast co-host for The Clone Wars Strikes Back, Ciaran remains a long-standing and passionate Star Wars fan. His expertise and passion for Star Wars is far-reaching, as he has watched all of the Star Wars films and the all of the episodes from the TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. He has also read a range of Star Wars novels and comic books from the canon-verse. Darth Plagueis remains his favourite novel. His other interests include radio presenting, producing and training, as well as watching sport, particularly soccer.

Joshua Spaugh
SWTOR writer, podcast contributor

Joshua has been a fan of Star Wars since he can remember seeing the commercials for ROTS in elementary school! Growing up on “The Clone Wars”, Joshua is a lover of all star wars. Joshua produced and co-hosted the “SWAG 77 Podcast” for two years before having to step away to focus on pursuing a degree at Loyola Marymount University. Now he writes for the SWU in his spare time, yet never turns down a good conversation!”

Trey Atwood
SWTOR writer, podcast contributor, convention reporter, Facebook content creator

A writer for the website and regular on The Star Wars Underworld Podcast, Trey Atwood began his work with the SWU at Star Wars Celebration VI recording videos of the convention. Trey is a costumer and a member of the Rebel Legion, but refuses to be a collector because his action figures are meant for desk battles. While not an avid fan of The Clone Wars, he enjoys most things Star Wars (including the EU) and is very interested when it comes to the storytelling aspect of any medium.

Clarice Taylor
Writer, convention reporter

A writer and convention for The Star Wars Underworld, Clarice first saw Star Wars at age three and has been obsessed ever since. She has attended events like Star Wars Celebration and VidCon. She is a political activist, LGBT+ advocate, and video game addict.

Contacts:, blog, Twitter

Brian Fulton, aka "Darth Daddy"
Star Wars custom action figure artist

Darth Daddy is a world renowned Star Wars custom action figure artist, and the author of the Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner column here at The Star Wars Underworld.  Darth Daddy is most popularly known for being the co-founder of the Star Wars: Customs for the Kid blog where he is the resident artist/ photographer, administrator, and social media manager. He is popular throughout the Star Wars custom action figure community for being an ambassador for the artform. Darth Daddy's action figure artist directory for commission work is considered to be a priceless asset among both collectors and enthusiasts alike. Darth Daddy and his son, Elias’ artwork was recently featured at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 in the Action Figure Customizing Panel’s "Customizer Showcase". Darth Daddy's custom action figure art appears regularly on the front pages of multiple Star Wars fan sites. He has made multiple guest appearances on several Star Wars podcasts including: The Star Wars Underworld, RebelForce Radio, The Wolfpack Podcast, Voice of the Republic, SWAG77, The Expanded Fandomverse, and Custom Action Figure News. When Darth Daddy isn't writing about custom action figures, the NYC native is busy making his own.

Contacts: customsforthekid@gmail.comBlogFacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr

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