Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Clone Wars: Essential Episodes To Watch Before Season Seven

By: Benjamin Hart

This Friday Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns with its seventh and final season, and die hard fans of the series are beyond excited for it. But what if you're not a huge fan of series, but want to be? Or you simply need to refresh your memory of The Clone Wars' previous six seasons? Either way, a massive binge watch of all the entire series (in chronological order, of course) is probably in order for you. But with mere hours left until the premiere of season seven on Disney+ you might just need a more brief refresher. And we're here to help!

Below we'll be outlining some of the essential episodes you'll need to check out in order to fully enjoy all the upcoming episodes of season seven. We'll be assuming that you're at least somewhat familiar with the basic plot and characters of The Clone Wars, but we'll will also try to avoid as many spoilers as possible as we go. So without further ado, let's get into it...

Preparing For "The Bad Batch" Arc

The first four-episode story arc of season seven will be "The Bad Batch" arc. These episodes will largely focus on Clone Force 99, a squad of special forces clone troopers with mutations that make them the most unique soldiers we've ever seen in the series. The members of the Bad Batch are new characters, so you won't need to know anything about them beforehand. But without spoiling anything, it should be noted that this story will pick up on some previously established plot lines regarding several clone troopers. With that said, here are the essential episodes you should watch before checking out "The Bad Batch" arc:

  • Season 3, episode 1: "Clone Cadets"
  • Season 1, episode 5: "Rookies"
  • Season 3, episode 2: "Arc Troopers"
  • Season 3, episode 18: "The Citadel"
  • Season 3, episode 19: "Counterattack"
  • Season 3, episode 20: "Citadel Rescue"

(And if you're really crunched for time, just watch "Rookies" and "Counterattack".)

Preparing For "Ahsoka's Walkabout" Arc

The second quadrilogy of episodes, which has been tentatively titled Ahsoka's Walkabout arc, will focus on Ahsoka Tano after the events of season five where she left behind her master, Anakin Skywalker, and the Jedi Order as a whole. Obviously if you're familiar with Ahsoka's story overall this will probably be the easiest arc for your to get into. But if you need some help, the final episode arc of season five should be enough of a refresher:

  • Season five, episode 17: "Sabotage"
  • Season five, episode 18: "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much"
  • Season five, episode 19: "To Catch A Jedi"
  • Season five, episode 20: "The Wrong Jedi"
And if you're short on time, "The Wrong Jedi" should be enough to get you up to speed.

Preparing For "The Siege Of Mandalore" Arc

Being the long awaited series finale of The Clone Wars, "The Siege Of Mandalore" will be dealing with a ton of moving pieces. These final four episodes will be wrapping up an assortment of storylines and will no doubt feature connections to other parts of the Star Wars universe, including Revenge Of The Sith, Star Wars Rebels, and perhaps even The Mandalorian. Though the biggest parts of this arc will be Darth Maul's continued rule over Mandalore, Bo Katan's desperate ploy to overthrow him, and Ahsoka Tano teaming up with the Mandalorians and her old master Anakin to take care of Maul for good. All things considered, the three episode Mandalorian arc from season two, the Maul/Savage duology from season four, and the four episode Maul/Death Watch arc from season five should be adequate to catch you up:

  • Season 2, episode 12: "The Mandalore Plot"
  • Season 2, episode 13: "Voyage Of Temptation"
  • Season 2, episode 14: "Duchess Of Mandalore"
  • Season 4, episode 21: "Brothers"
  • Season 4, episode 22: "Revenge"
  • Season 5, episode 1: "Revival"
  • Season 5, episode 14: "Eminence"
  • Season 5, episode 15: "Shades Of Reason"
  • Season 5, episode 16: "The Lawless"
(And if time is of the essence, check out "The Mandalore Plot", "Brothers", and "The Lawless".)

The first episode of season seven, entitled "The Bad Batch", will debut on Disney+ this Friday,  and subsequent episodes will be added to the streaming service weekly thereafter. And if you followed our advice above, you should be more than prepared to fully enjoy season seven!

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