Monday, December 2, 2019

Opinion: How The Battle Of The Heroes Foreshadows Ben Solo's Redemption

By: Selene Jade

The battle between Rey and Kylo among the crashing waves in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker may reveal more about Kylo's fate than can be seen at first glance. Kylo/Ben Solo's story thus far has been a backwards depiction of Anakin/Vader's fall to the dark side.

During Anakin's final battle with Obi-Wan in Revenge Of The Sith, where Anakin fully fell to the dark side and became the monster-machine known as Darth Vader, they were surrounded by lava. This was a visual depiction of the turmoil inside him burning away any good that was left in Anakin, destroying his humanity at the same time it destroyed his body. If Ben is the opposite, it makes perfect sense that his rise to the light will mirror Anakin's fall to the dark.

Thus, water. Instead of lava, Kylo and Rey are surrounded by crashing waves of water - as they stand on a platform in the middle of the waves, eerily similar to the wreckage Anakin and Kenobi jumped onto during their battle. In contrast to the lava, water soothes burns, and brings life, not destruction. These two battles must be mirror opposites of each other, because both of them are battles of the heroes - both fights are between our two main protagonists, both of whom care about each other deeply and have an intimate connection through the force.

Interestingly, Sidious' influence is also reversed here. When Anakin fell, he succumbed to Palpatine's manipulations. When Ben rises, he is also preparing to defeat our maniacal puppet master once and for all. Anakin broke the force and broke his fate as the chosen one due to his fear of loss. Ironically, it is his family, Ben Solo, the last Skywalker, that will be integral in cleansing the force of the evil of the Sith and fulfilling Anakin's path as the chosen one.

From here, it can be predicted that this will be the battle in which the last Skywalker will rise to the light. Rey, acting as Kenobi, serves as the emotional push he needs to change things around. She may even try to reason with him in the same way Kenobi tried to with Anakin, berating him by telling him that he could have been something great - all this power he has at his command, all the strength of his family name - he could have used it for good, that he could have changed things, and that he still has a chance to. And, as Anakin succumbed to the dark side at the end of his battle of the heroes, as the lava burns him and he writhes in pain, and Kenobi refuses to give him the mercy of a quick death, Kylo, submerged in the water, will be redeemed with Rey's full support and they will fulfill their destinies, and succeed where the previous generations had failed.

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