Thursday, September 12, 2019

A Free Trial Of Disney+ Is Now Available In The Netherlands

By: Benjamin Hart

If you're in North America, Australia or New Zealand you're most likely anxiously awaiting the launch of Disney+ in November. (And if you're elsewhere in the World, like the UK, you're probably just desperate to even know when to expect it.) It seems that all of us have to wait and experience the new streaming service for ourselves... or do we?

In a surprising turn of events, a free trail run of Disney+ is now being offered in the Netherlands! While Disney+ is still set to officially launch on November 12th in that country, alongside the United States and Canada, those who sign up for the service in the Netherlands right now will instantly have access to the streaming service. This free trail allows users access to a plethora of content from Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, National Geographic, and more.

Right after Disney+ went live The Verge released a full breakdown and review of Disney+(which I highly recommend reading in full), detailing all of the content that is currently available to Netherlands subscribers. The Verge summed up Disney+ as "empty but elegant", sighting a smooth and user friendly interface despite a significant lack of content, at least compared to competitors such as Netflix. Still, the version of Disney+ that has launched in the Netherlands includes a most impressive collection of media.

In addition to a wide range of Disney and Pixar content, Disney+ hosts all but three films from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. And most importantly, it includes every single Star Wars film, including Episodes I - VIII, as well as Rogue One, Solo, and The Clone Wars movie. The Verge also points out that Rogue One and The Last Jedi are among the selection of films that are available to stream in 4K. Additionally, each film includes a collection of bonus features.

But it doesn't stop there! Additional Star Wars content included are many TV series such as The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Resistance, The Freemaker Adventures, and Lego Star Wars: All Stars. Plus, there's a collection of shorts and specials such as Forces Of Destiny, Lego Star Wars Droid Tales, The New Yoda Chronicles, and more.

Of course, exclusive content for Disney+ such as The Mandalorian were not included with this roll out, but are still planning to be released on November 12th with the official launch. As previously noted, the content that will be available on Disney+ for US and Canadian subscribers will be significantly different at first. The Last Jedi, Solo and Star Wars Resistance will be among the things noticeably absent from the service at launch. Despite that, Disney promises to add a massive amount of new content just within the first year.

Disney+ will officially launch in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands on November 12th. Those in Australia and New Zealand can expect to start streaming on November 19!

Sources: The Verge, /Film

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