Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The TSA Says You Can't Bring "Thermal Detonator" Coke Bottles From "Galaxy's Edge" On Flights

By: Dominic Jones

Airport security has made its way into Star Wars news for the second time in six months.  This time, instead of stopping a Star Wars actor from attending Celebration because of the colour of his skin and his religion, they're banning fans from bringing home a fun collectible from the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme parks.  The collectible in question, the "thermal detonator" Coca-Cola bottles that are sold exclusively in the theme parks.

The news comes from the AskTSA twitter account, which responded to a question about the Coke bottles by saying, "Replica and inert explosives aren't allowed in either carry-on or checked bags."
The idea that someone might confuse one of these Coke bottles for a real explosive is absurd, especially since they look like Coke products!  Airport security is annoying reality of modern life, and again this is far from the biggest issue with it, but this is just stupid.  One of the nice things about Galaxy's Edge Coke bottles is that they can be kept as a collectible or souvenir.  Like everything at the Disney Parks, they are overpriced (the real crime here is that these things cost $5.49 each) but at least you could keep the bottle as a fun thing you can't get anywhere else.

Hopefully, somebody sets the TSA straight about this and fans won't have any issue bringing their collectibles home.  And, although it's technically against the rules, I suspect if you try to bring home one of these bottles home the agents likely won't actually give you any issues.  I bought a Diet Coke during my visit to Galaxy's Edge in July and brought it home on my flight with no issues whatsoever.

Galaxy's Edge is currently open at Disneyland in California and will open tomorrow, August 29th at Disney World in Florida. 

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