Monday, June 10, 2019

Lucasfilm & Limited Run Games Announce Re-Releases Of Classic LucasArts Video Games

By: Dominic Jones

More exciting news out of E3! Video game distributor, Limited Run Games announced that they were partnering with Lucasfilm to re-release physical editions of several classic Star Wars games, including Shadows of the Empire, TIE Fighter, Episode I: Racer, and Dark Forces, as well as other (non-Star Wars) classic LucasArts games like The Curse of Monkey Island. Some of the re-releases will be as (physical) collectors editions for their original console (like N64 and Gameboy), while others will be released (on disc) for modern consoles (like the PlayStation 4).

Limited Run released a special trailer for the re-releases on their Twitter account, which you can check out below,
The full list of games, as well as the console they are being released for, is below  
  • Star Wars (NES, Game Boy)    
  • Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (PS4)
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces (PC)
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer (PC, N64)
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (NES, Game Boy) 
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight (PC)
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast (PC)
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (PC)
  • Star Wars: Racer Revenge (PS4) 
  • Star Wars: Rebel Assault (PC)
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (PC, N64)
  • Star Wars: TIE Fighter (PC)
  • Star Wars: X-Wing (PC)
  • The Curse of Monkey Island (PC)
  • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge (PC)    
  • The Secret of Monkey Island (PC)    
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (PC)
The first games being released are Star Wars (on NES, Game Boy), and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (on PlayStation 4) on June 28th.  There will be more LucasArts games re-released every month, "in elaborate Collector’s Edition packages."

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  1. I wish they were all coming to the PS4. What good does it do to release a game for the N64, if few people still have one going and plugged in? I have one, but then again, I ALREADY have all the Star Wars titles for it!

  2. why not xbox this is an outrage bounty hunter remake for both ps and xbox would be amazing with the tech they have now

  3. I find the lack of Knights of the Old Republic disturbing.

  4. Please put some good games, like episode 1 racer, and the monkey islands, on ps4

  5. They should remaster them all & re-release them on the new platforms they would sell like hot cakes. Look how awesome Dark Forces & Ep.1 Racer looked from that guy upgrading them on unreal engine.

    1. Yeah i agree with you. a Remake of those games would be waaaay better idea then re realesing them.

  6. So dumb, the games that are coming to PS4 you can literally already buy on the store.

  7. Theres a fan made upgrade for X-Wing & TIE Fighter, you do need the original game to play it and it looks incredible.

  8. Why on earth wouldn’t they remake the original battlefront games! Not to be rude but the new ones were totally crap so what better way to redeem those than remaster some of the best Star Wars games i’ve personally played and loved

  9. Would be nice to see the rogue squadron trilogy make a comeback too

  10. this full of shit, what are they thinking not putting all games for ps4 xbox 1 and PC and switch I won't by this for a dollar.

  11. Why not Gladius? It's like they forgot about this game. It ended on a cliff hanger with promises of a sequel. 16 years later still nothing.

  12. Yeah, you’re right. That would be awesome!

  13. What about Republic Commando?!?

  14. What about the STAR WARS trilogy arcade game or Knights of the Old Republic

  15. Are they going to make a remake of The Curse of Monkey Island???

  16. I was hoping to see Rogue Squadron on the list, but alas not to be found.

  17. Who makes these decisions? Release them all on one disc, on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

  18. I already have Bounty Hunter on my PS4...?

  19. Why not knights of the old republic???