Friday, October 19, 2018

Video: How 'Solo' Fixes One Of Star Wars' Oldest Continuity Errors

By: Benjamin Hart

The only thing Star Wars fans love more than watching the films of the saga is picking them apart endlessly. Many of us are fascinated by the minutiae of our favorite films, and discovering new things in films that are nearly(or over) 40 years old is considered a challenge. Solo: A Star Wars Story, the newest addition to the saga, digs deep into the lore of Star Wars and answers tons of burning questions fans have had for years, as well as ones we didn't even know we wanted

One of the newest examples of this comes from ABC News' Clayton Sandell who released another short featurette from his recent visit to Lucasfilm headquarters. In the video, Sandell speaks with Solo's visual effects supervisor Rob Bredow, Lucasfilm design supervisor James Clyne, and others, and they share an intriguing fact about the the Millennium Falcon.

Apparently there is a discrepancy in the Original Trilogy over how many landing gear the famous ship has. In A New Hope the Falcon only has three, but in The Empire Strikes Back it has five landing gear. This led to a dilemma for the filmmakers behind Solo, and they were forced to make a choice regarding how many landing gear the Millennium Falcon would have in the newest prequel film. What they ultimately decided on, and the trick they came up with to tie it all together is very clever. You can watch the brief featurette below:

Personally, the number of landing gear the Falcon has was something I never really noticed, but I'm glad the filmmakers were paying attention. For those of us who love the finer details, it's cool to know the Millennium Falcon was, in fact, missing two landing gear in A New Hope as a direct result of Han's little maneuver during the Kessel Run. Things like this not only make the new films more fun, but also give us a new perspective when we revisit the classics.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is out now on 4K Ultra, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD!

Source: ABC News

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