Wednesday, October 24, 2018

EA Officially Unveils General Grievous In 'Star Wars Battlefront II'

By: Benjamin Hart

Star Wars Battlefront II has been bringing the hype recently with the reveal of new content based on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, just in time for the hit animated series' tenth anniversary. In doing so, EA has now revealed the first few images and details for General Grievous, who will be a playable character in an upcoming update.

EA announced on their official site that Grievous will be one of the largest characters in size to be featured in Battlefront II. While fighting with only two of his Lightsabers for the majority of the time, the Droid General is able to ignite four Sabers for attacking and defensive moves. Grievous also features two big movies, the first being "Thrust Surge", which throws him forward with his sabers moving in a stabbing motion. This move is based on a move Grievous performed on Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Clone Wars. The second move is based on the iconic Lightsaber spinning move Grievous performs in Revenge Of The Sith(seen below). In addition, Grievous will also include a quick travel action which puts Grievous on all six of his limbs and gives him significantly greater speed to escape an undesirable situation.

And speaking to Grievous' appearance in the game, EA noted that he will have two looks in the game; his classic "Jedi Hunter" look, as well a battle damaged look. Both can be viewed below:

And lastly, EA also treated us to the vocal lines that you will hear Grievous utter during battle:

  • “You are a bold one.”
  • “Your lightsabers will make a fine addition to my collection.”
  • “You must realise, you are doomed.”
  • “I wield great power, Jedi fool.”
  • “The story of Obi-Wan ends here!”
  • “Make peace with the Force now, for this is your final outing.”
  • “Your screams are like music to my audio receptors.”
  • “The Kaleesh are not known for their mercy.”

And whenever you encounter Obi-Wan on the battlefield, you just might hear some of these:

  • “Hello there.”
  • “So uncivilized.”
  • “Why do I get the feeling you’re going to be the death of me?”
  • “When I cut you in half, I should have aimed for your neck instead.”
  • “You haven’t exactly impressed me today.”
  • “The strongest defence is a swift and decisive offence.”
  • “I understand you’ve had some troubles recently.”
  • “Ugh — like bathing in a lake of venom-mites.”

General Grievous will be unleashed onto the Battlefront alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi on October 30th. Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker will also soon be added as playable characters, and all their original voice actors from The Clone Wars will be back to voice them. To learn more about Grievous and the many other Star Wars Battlefront II updates coming down the pipe from EA, be sure to check out the official EA Star Wars site!

Sources: EA, Battlefront II Forums

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