Friday, September 7, 2018

Trio Of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Scenes Released

By: Benjamin Hart

If you're like me, you've been itching to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story one more time(or a dozen). The film has been absent from most theaters for several months now, but thankfully Solo is expected to hit Blu-ray, 4K Ultra, and Digital HD very soon. In preparation for its home video debut, Lucasfilm has released three full scenes from the film as clips on YouTube. So if you need some Solo goodness to tide you over until the full movie is released, scroll down and enjoy!

The first clip features the scene in which Han and Chewbacca are finally properly introduced to one another after their harrowing escape from Mimban:

The second clip is from the first portion of the exciting Conveyex heist, in which Han, Chewie and Beckett fend off a squad of Range Troopers while attempting to steal the Coaxium:

The third and final clip, released by IGN, is easily the most surprising and talked about scene in the film. In it, Qi'ra, after killing Dryden Vos, makes contact with the true leader of Crimson Dawn... Darth Maul:

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to hit digital HD on September 14th, as well as DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on September 25th.

Sources: LucasfilmIGN

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