Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Three Excerpts From The 'Solo' Novelization Released

By: Dominic Jones

Lucasfilm has released three new excerpts from the upcoming novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Mur Lafferty, all of which are scenes that were not featured in the film when it hit theaters back in May.  The scenes reveal what happened to Qi'Ra after she captured trying to escape Correlia with Han, how L3-37 reacted to being hooked up to the Millennium Falcon, and what Enfys Nest did with the Coaxium--a scene which features a couple of Rogue One cameos.  We've highlighted part of the final excerpt below,

“Saw Gerrera,” she said, her modulator disguising her soft voice.

“Enfys Nest,” he said, glowering. “I hope you have good news for me.” He sounded as if he didn’t believe she ever could.

“Refined coaxium, enough to power a fleet,” she said, gestur­ing behind her. “I trust you will put it to good use.”

He relaxed, shock obvious on his face. “How did you manage this?”

“We have our ways,” she said. “You—” A sound came from the shuttle, something clattering to the floor. Gerrera’s head whipped around, anger rising.

He hadn’t come alone. Enfys closed her fist by her side and heard her Cloud-Riders raise their weapons.

“You agreed to come alone,” she snapped.

He held his hands up and backed slowly toward the shuttle. “Put your weapons away. There is no threat. My ward wanted to come with me. She’s young. Curious.”

“Your ward.”

“Yes. She’s eleven. But she needs to learn.”

Enfys heard small feet running on the shuttle.

“Bring her out.”

“Lower your weapons,” he countered.

Enfys nodded once and raised her hand to order her riders to stand down. She heard them relax and lower their weapons. She knew they would stay alert, regardless. She tensed, poised to dodge to the side if any guards came running down the plank, weapons hot.

But a girl did indeed emerge, cautiously, but unafraid. Her skin was paler than Gerrera’s, and her brown hair was loose and hung in sheets down her back. Calculating blue eyes took in Enfys and her team. Enfys liked her at once.

Saw gave her a little push forward. “This is Jyn.”

“Why would you bring your young ward to a dangerous meeting?” Enfys asked curiously.

“She needs to learn,” he repeated. “If she’s going to sur­vive . . .”

“She’s very young,” Enfys said, repeating things that had been said about her over and over again. She wanted to see how Ger­rera would react.

He frowned. “Many people treat age as if it’s a shield to hide behind, something that protects our children. And sometimes it is. Until someone comes along who doesn’t honor the shield. Then we must decide if we’re going to keep pretending that shield is there. The Empire doesn’t care what age she is. So she must learn about this threat that faces all of us.”

“Is that so?” Enfys took a step forward. “Come here, Jyn.”

The girl took a step forward, unafraid. He let her go, waiting patiently. Enfys looked down at the girl. Even though they came from such different worlds, she still reminded Enfys of herself seven years ago. The luxury of youth banished in the face of tur­moil.

She reached under her mask and pulled it off, shaking her wild hair free. She smiled at Jyn, who still watched her, unmoved by the reveal. “Do you think that your youth protects you?”

“No,” Jyn said flatly.

“You’re right. You’re smart. Still, they’re going to underesti­mate you. Make them regret it.”

The girl’s eyes narrowed as if the threat were right behind them. “They?”

“Everyone,” Enfys said. “Make them regret it.”


The novelization of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Mur Lafferty will be released on September 4th.  The film itself will be released on home media the following week (as digital download on September 14th and on blu-ray and DVD on September 25th).


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