Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Traveling Millennium Falcon Experience to Promote 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Announced

By: Dominic Jones

Lucasfilm announced a new traveling experience to promote Solo: A Star Wars Story this week.  The company revealed on their official YouTube variety series, The Star Wars Show, that a replica of the interior of the Millennium Falcon will be going on tour next month to coincide with the film's release on May 25th.  The replica was built inside of three forty foot long shipping containers and will allow fans to visit the cockpit, Lando's bar, and the famous Dejarik table.  You can get a preview of the experience on The Star Wars Show below,

The four places where fans can check out the Millennium Falcon experience are,
  • Northern Kentucky University (NKU), April 27-29
  • Atlanta Braves Stadium, May 4-6
  • Salt Lake City Megaplex 20 at Jordan Commons, May 18-20 
  • Denver Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Littleton, May 25-27
While this experience is certainly a great idea and looks to have been crafted with a lot of care, it seems strange to limit it to just four locations.  There are nineteen days between the experience's first and last day where it's not open anywhere.  Obviously travel time needs to be factored in, but even then it seems odd that they would only choose to have it open in four places for three days each.  And this isn't a commentary on where it's going, or a complaint that it's not coming to my city.  It just seems odd to put so much work into something and then not show it off to more fans.  Why not keep the tour going for a few weeks after the film opens?  It's not like people will ever not want to take a photo in the Millennium Falcon cockpit.

Regardless, for fans in Kentucky, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Denver, this is bound to be a very experience!

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