Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New 'Last Shot' Preview Excerpt Features Lando & L3-37

By: Dominic Jones

A new preview from the upcoming novel Star Wars: Last Shot by Daniel Jose Older has been released on  The excerpt, which can be read or listened to, features Lando Calrissian and the new droid L3-37 who will be played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the film Solo: A Star Wars Story.  The novel, which is a Han and Lando adventure, will cover multiple eras including before Solo and after Return of the Jedi.  This new preview takes place prior to the upcoming film.

Lando really didn’t care how she said his name, as long as he could find a way to slide that dress off her later that night. “Much better now that I’ve seen you. What brings a lovely lady like yourself out to this gruesome den of outlaws and kingpins? Wait . . .” A tiny blip of information surfaced in Lando’s mind, clicked into place. “Don’t you work for the—”

“Galactic Empire, yes. I was a regional administrator when you last saw me at the Berullian Checkpoint. I have been upgraded to vice grand administrator of stormtrooper recruitment.”

Lando had never been to the Berullian Checkpoint, and the last time he’d seen Prita had been on Pantora, when he’d had to sweet-talk her into letting him fly offplanet with a freighter full of illegally poached forlyn carcasses. It had worked, but he’d had to bust out pretty quick after that and hadn’t had the chance to see if that sweet talk would pay off in any other ways.

Prita had never been good with the small stuff, though.

“Well, congratulations, Vice Grand Administrator Sven. How ever will we celebrate your promotion?”

Prita locked eyes with Lando, endowing him with her full atten­tion for the first time. Her lips stayed pursed around the smoke tube, but her eyes smiled. That’s it, Lando thought. We have docking clear­ance. He was pretty sure that later that night, when they were lying sweaty and naked in each other’s arms, he would trace the whole thrilling escapade back to that singular eye contact.

“We must find a suitable way,” Prita said in a breathy whisper.

“I would like nothing mo—” An insistent tug on Lando’s arm cut his words short. He spun around, preparing to let fly a barrage of curses at whatever drunken fool had interrupted him this time. Instead found himself staring into the single illuminated eye of his piloting droid, L3-37.

“I need your help,” she said in an accelerated deadpan that Lando had learned to recognize as urgent.

“Elthree,” Lando said, cocking his head. “Now is definitely not the time. Let me—”

L3 shook her head. “Now is the only time. Right now.”

Two other preview excerpts from the novel have been released online previously.  The first, set following the events of Return of the Jedi, featured Han with his infant son Ben Solo.  The second, set prior to A New Hope, features Han and his "wife" Sana Starros.  The full novel hits shelves next week on April 17th.

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