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Hasbro Reveals Plethora Of New 'Solo' Toys & More At Toy Fair

By: Benjamin Hart

Toy Fair is going on now in New York and earlier today and Hasbro had an incredible amount of products to reveal! Included were new two from all three trilogies, Rogue One, and some really cool new things from the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story line. Below is a comprehensive breakdown of all that has been revealed!

First off, attendees were treated to first looks at some exciting new 6-inch figures from The Black Series line. On display were brand new figures for Tobias Beckett from Solo and Amilyn Holdo from The Last Jedi, as well as well as a new Centerpiece figure of Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens:

Additionally, here are our first glimpses at figures for Wilhuff Tarkin from A New Hope, Hoth Leia, Zuckuss and 4-LOM and from The Empire Strikes Back, and a Gamorrean from Return Of The Jedi:

And furthermoee, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, here's our first look at the Captain Rex and Commander Wolffe figures:

And if you want your very own 6-inch scale Porgs, here you go:

The new Doctor Ahpra figure was revealed as well:

You can see more photos of these Black Series figures by visiting Making Star Wars!

Next up is the 3.75-inch line which included some interesting reveals, first and foremost being the new Hasbro Millennium Falcon for Solo. The vehicle includes lights and sounds, but its most intriguing feature is the "transport ship" at the front of the toy, which can be removed to reveal the Millennium Falcon's classic mandibles:

Ever since the Falcon's new look was revealed in the film, fans have been speculating how the ship will transition from this sleeker design to the more rigid, boxy design we see in the Original and Sequel Trilogies. Now this toy seems to all but confirm how the Falcon's appearance will change.

You can view more photos of the Falcon over on Making Star Wars!

And furthermore they revealed Hoth Luke, Leia and a Wampa from Empire, Emperor Palpatine from Jedi, as well as the Imperial Range Trooper, Mimban Stormtrooper, and a new set of Han and Chewbacca figures:

What's especially interesting about the Han and Chewie figures is that they appear to be covered in mud, and both character included (broken) shackles attached to their feet. Could this possibly be from the fateful scene where Han rescues Chewie from Imperial slavery, either in the spice mines of Kessel or on Mimban? We'll have to wait and see.

You can catch more pictures of these figures over on Making Star Wars!

Now to cover everything else that was revealed at Toy Fair, we have to get some help from the guys over at Star Wars News Net. Included in their coverage are some new looks at some Solo 12-inch figures, a Nerf DL-44 Han Solo blaster and a Vintage Imperial Hover tank from Rogue One:

And by far one of the coolest(but not THE coolest, we'll get to that) things revealed today is the life size replica of the Z6 baton, as wielded by FN-2199(Traitor!) in The Force Awakens, and Finn in The Last Jedi:

We also got some peeks at the adorable new "Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie". This 16-inch tall version of the beloved Wookiee is fully interactive with sounds and moving arms. He reacts when petted and tickled, and will even sleep(and snore) if laid down. You can see a photo(Via Nerdist) and a video below:

And saving the best(and biggest) for last, today Hasbro announced the launched of a new initiative called "HasLab", which has been created to bring the most sought after toys to life. The first toy to be produced by HasLab is a 3.75-inch Jabba's Sail Barge, which will only go into production once it receives 5,000 pre-orders. The set is a fully re-created version of the Sail Barge seen in Return Of The Jedi, and the side panels can be removed to see inside, where you can place the included Jabba the Hutt figure. You can check out the video revealing it(via TheForce.Net), as well as some images(via of the Sail Barge below:

UPDATE: Jedi Business got their hands on some of the official press images from Hasbro. You can check them out here!

That's all for now! Keep checking back here for more Star Wars toy news from Toy Fair as it becomes available!

Sources: Making Star Wars, Star Wars News NetTheForce.NetJediBusiness.comNerdist

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