Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dave Filoni Talks About The Big Moment In Last Night's 'Rebels' Episodes

By: Dominic Jones

SPOILER ALERTIf you have not seen last night's Star Wars Rebels two-part episode, "Jedi Night" and "DUME", stop reading now.  This article will address what happened in those episode in depth.  

Last night featured the premiere of two huge, game changing episodes of Star Wars Rebels. As the show races towards its finale in two weeks time, the episode "Jedi Night" changed the playing field forever.  In the final moments of the first episode, the Jedi knight Kana Jarrus made the ultimate sacrifice and died protecting his friends.

It was a moment that many had been predicting would come for some time now, and Rebels took time in the second episode, "DUME", to properly mourn the fallen Jedi.

Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni spoke about Kanan's final moment in an interview with Amy Ratcliffe over at Nerdist.  Filoni specifically addressed the moment where it appeared that Kanan's sight returned so that he could see Hera one last time.  He said,

"In that moment he’s not bound as this material thing that the physicality of sight would be a limitation to him. He tells Hera at one point before they go to Malachor, ‘We’ll see each other again.’ I felt that this was a follow through. And it happened because when I was drawing the storyboards for that scene at my desk–a lot of those scenes I’ll sit there and personally pick all the shots and how I want it–I was drawing Kanan and I had drawn his eyes in. I was looking at it and thought, ‘Yeah, he should look at her.’ It happened that way. You have to seize the moment when you’re telling stories, and it was just a fluid thing."

Filoni, along with other members of the Rebels cast and crew, spoke about Kanan's death during the episode of Rebels Recon which was released on YouTube following the episode.  Check it out below,

Star Wars Rebels returns next week with another two-part episode, titled "Wolves and a Door" and "A World Between Worlds".  With only five episodes, over two weeks, left to go and especially after Kanan's death, there's no telling what will go down then.  Tune in a 9pm to Disney XD to find out.

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