Friday, January 19, 2018

Dave Filoni Talks About The Return Of The Emperor And More In The Final Episodes Of 'Star Wars Rebels'

By: Dominic Jones

Earlier this afternoon, Lucasfilm released the trailer for the final half season of Star Wars Rebels that will air over three weeks at the end of February and beginning of March.  The trailer offered many enticing teases for this season including an appearance by the Emperor (voiced by Ian McDiarmid), call backs to the Mortis trilogy from The Clone Wars, and Grand Admiral Thrawn unleashing an orbital bombardment on Lothal.  Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni spoke with Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican about the trailer and offered some intriguing hints about what's to come in the final run of episodes.

About what fans should expect from the finale, Filoni said,

"It has always been the theory in the back of their minds that if they could just get a hold of some X-wings they could just win the day, but the Rebels don’t have any major victories prior to what you see on Scarif"

While some fans were hoping that the end of Rebels would tie in with Rogue One, given that The Ghost can be seen during the battle of Scarif, Filoni reiterated that the finale of the series would not cover that battle.  He said,

"That’s where you can get trapped working on a big franchise like Star Wars. People get more concerned with filling in gaps between things and making them all mesh. I say, I totally get why that seems natural to you [that it would end with Scarif] because that’s the latest beginning/endpoint that you know."

He also spoke about one of this trailer's big reveals, that the Emperor would be appearing.  Filoni said,

"The big bad in this time period of Star Wars is The Emperor. He is the one running everything and the evil of the land. We dealt with his lieutenants, and Vader is a lieutenant.  He’s a sophisticated villain. That makes you more worried for Ezra. (...) I wanted something more insidious than perhaps lightsaber play. The Emperor can appear so many different ways. He can seem frail at times or powerful at times. He’s the ultimate deceiver, and he plays on your own wants and greeds."

Star Wars Rebels returns on February 19th at 9pm on Disney XD with the episodes "Jedi Night" and "DUME."  The series will air episodes back to back every week until the 90-minute series finale on March 3rd at 8:30pm on Disney XD.

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