Friday, January 19, 2018

BREAKING: 'Star Wars Rebels' Season Four Midseason Trailer And Return Date Revealed

By: Dominic Jones

"One last lesson."

Lucasfilm released the official trailer for the final half season of the animated series Star Wars Rebels online today.  The trailer begins with a recap of the first three and a half seasons, focusing mostly on Ezra's story.  It then transitions into flashes of what we can expect from the fourth season, including the return of a familiar looking owl, references to the Mortis trilogy from The Clone Wars, and an appearance by the Emperor himself (voiced by Ian McDiarmid).  Check it out below,

In addition, it was announced that the series will return on Monday February 19th on Disney XD.  The series will air back-to-back episodes weekly at 9:00pm until March 5th when the 90-minute series finale will air (starting at 8:30pm).  The episode titles for the final run of episodes are,  "Jedi Night," "DUME," "Wolves and a Door," "A World Between Worlds," "A Fool’s Hope," and "Family Reunion and Farewell." A poster for the final half season was released, which you can see below,

Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni spoke briefly with Nerdist about what reasons Emperor Palpatine has to go after Ezra, saying,

"One of them is Ezra’s kind of persistent ability to survive. It would arch your eyebrow. I don’t know that it’s so specifically on Ezra to say, ‘I am after that guy.’ I think he’s probably got a target list of Jedi he is looking for and I think that this kid has become a persistent nuisance, you know? And Ezra definitely has been causing problems, but there are other reasons why Palpatine’s gaze is directed that way that will be revealed."

With the end in sight, there are many questions Rebels needs to answer, not the least of which is the fates of its main characters.  There's also the mystery of what happened to Ahsoka that still needs to be solved, as well as questions about what the Empire is doing on Lothal.  Hopefully Rebels will provided satisfactory answers for fans as it races towards its conclusion in March.

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