Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rian Johnson Talks Skellig Michael, 'The Last Jedi' Fan Speculation, & More

By: Benjamin Hart

Now that we are officially only 50 days away from the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters, hype around the film is continuing to grow. Director Rian Johnson has been out and about lately to promote and discuss the film, and one of his latest interviews brought to light some interesting info.

Recently, Johnson spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about several topics related to the film, most notably the Irish island of Skellig Michael where much of Ahch-To scenes in The Last Jedi were filmed. The interview took place during a special "Ireland Week" event celebrating various aspects of the island country. In addition, Johnson discussed his use of greenscreen in Episode VIII, the amount of stairs that had to be climbed on Skellig, fan speculation surrounding the new poster and trailer, and his involvement in future films. We collected some highlights from the interview, which you can read below:

HR: The Jedi-village set looks like a monastery. Did you design it with the island’s existing sixth century monastery in mind?

RJ: It’s a direct translation of it. Those domes, that beehive kind of design of the huts, is exactly what’s on Skellig. And we moved the geography of them around a little bit to what we needed. But the design was taken straight from Skellig. We wanted to fit in with what was on the islands.

HR: Wouldn’t greenscreen have been easier and more economical?

RJ: I’m sure it would have been more economical, but it was so worth it to do it the way we did it. We got a feel, we got a vibe, we got a grounded kind of look that we never could have gotten on the greenscreen. I guess I should add that I was just trolloping up the stairs without a pack on my back. All of our great Irish crew, who acted as sherpas carting our equipment up the stairs, it was much more difficult for them. I don’t want to be cavalier about the stairs.

HR: What do you think of the speculation surrounding the latest poster, and has Luke gone over to the dark side?

RJ: Having been a Star Wars fan myself for the past 40 years, having spent most of my life on the other side of the curtain, I know the anticipation and the guesswork and theorizing is all part of the fun and game of it. So I love it. I love seeing what people are thinking, seeing what they’re guessing, seeing what they’re anticipating.

HR: And, of course, the third movie will be referencing your movie. Have there been any discussions?

RJ: J.J. Abrams is doing a third movie. I’m not involved in it. They’ll be writing their own story, but continuing on with what we did.

Of course, be sure read the full interview over at The Hollywood Reporter!

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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