Monday, September 25, 2017

Mark Hamill Talks 'The Last Jedi', Reflects on Iconic Scenes With

By: Dominic Jones

In honor of Mark Hamill's birthday, has released a brand new interview with the Luke Skywalker actor covering various facets of his time in the galaxy far, far away.  Hamill was interviewed by Dan Brooks about how he approached returning to Luke for The Last Jedi and he reflected on some classic scenes from the Original Trilogy.  Check out some excerpts from the interview below,

About how he approached his role in The Last Jedi, Hamill said,

"Your job when you read a script is to figure out what is required of your character to make the screenplay as successful as it can be when it’s realized on film. What’s my role in the overall scope of things?

The problem here was that he’s had, like you say, the 30-plus years of history, which is never really spelled out. J.J. [Abrams in The Force Awakens] used the character, it was so ambiguous. I look back now and I say, “What else was he supposed to do?” I mean, here he has to come up with this whole new set of characters. He has to finish the Han Solo storyline. If he had to also include me, it would have been just laden with exposition. Better to shove Luke down the road and resolve his story later."

He also shared his memories of shooting the scene where Obi-Wan hands Luke the lightsaber in A New Hope, saying,

"Well, I knew this was going to be an iconic weapon in the film. And one of George’s brilliant touches was the lived-in atmosphere. You know, the spaceships were beat up with dents and oil drips. It had that Western movie feel. It was gritty. It wasn’t gleaming sleek spaceships and so forth. It really looked like a lived-in galaxy. Any scene with Alec was exciting for me and, again, I just fell right into what I was supposed to be, which was a young student in awe of a true master. So that came naturally. Just listening to him, his voice is like a great massage on the back of the neck. You know, we say [in a gruff accent], “Woree-uhs.” And he says [in Alec Guinness voice], “Warriors.” Almost three syllables."

Happy Birthday Mark!


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