Friday, July 7, 2017

San Diego Comic Con 2017 Friday 'Star Wars' Panels

By: Dominic Jones
We're now less than two weeks away from San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), which means the organizers are ready to start revealing the schedule.  While the Star Wars films are not expected to have a major presence at this year's con, the big preview is believed to be happening the week before at D23 Expo, that doesn't mean the galaxy far, far away won't be well represented at the famous convention.  With the Friday schedule having been released, here are the Star Wars panels taking place on the first day,

Star Wars Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm's Brian Merten and Dolly Ahluwalia 
10:00am - 11:00am, Room 7AB
Lucasfilm offers a look at the latest news and revelations for Star Wars collectibles. Expect revelations from all the normal participants, plus a few surprises.  

Steampunk Invades A Galaxy Far, Far Away 
11:00am - 12:00pm, Room 7AB 
Star Wars and Steampunk are two fandoms that have become one with the Force to create a bounty of fan-favorite art and cosplays. From Admiral Ackbar to Yoda, Boba Fett to Wicket, all your favorite Star Wars characters have been reimaged into a variety of fantastic steamy mashups. Join in to enjoy some of the best Star Wars universe fan art, plus get tips from fellow steampunks who will share how they created recognizable mashup characters of their own design. With Poppy Appleton (Ahsoka), Matt Eusey (Sir Chewy of Bacca), Rebecca Eusey (Lady Babette Fett), Treb Padula (Cog Bane), Jessica Woods (Mara Jade), and moderated by Anastasia Hunter (chair of Gaslight Steampunk Expo). 

Lucasfilm Publishing: New Star Wars Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away . . .
12:00pm - 1:00pm, Room 7AB

Get ready, rebels! Bestselling, fan-favorite authors Christian Blauvelt (Star Wars Made Easy), Cullen Bunn (Star Wars: Darth Maul), Christie Golden (Battlefront II: Inferno Squad), Claudia Gray (Leia: Princess of Alderaan), Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Star Wars Jedi Academy: The Force Oversleeps), Cavan Scott (Star Wars Adventures), Beth Revis (Star Wars: Rebel Rising), and Landry Walker (Star Wars Adventures) discuss their latest stories set in a galaxy far, far away. Also featured will be exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming stories, surprise guests, and giveaways exclusive to SDCC. Moderated by Lucasfilm's Michael Siglain.

What Rebellions Are Built on: Popular Culture, Radical Hope, and Political Engagement  
12:00pm - 1:00pm, Room 25ABC
As America faces the drawing up of Death Star plans (or border walls, refugee bans, and faith-based registries), culture and politics have never felt so . . . pop culturian. But stories have always been political and fandom has, too. Today, themes of hope and resistance in stories such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Wonder Woman are serving not just as moral guides but as inspiration for plans of political action. Hear from geeks making activism their superpower as they wield nerd enthusiasms like the Force, hacking popular culture for social justice, civic activism, and participatory politics, including through anti-bullying initiatives, advocacy, and charity. Moderator Jennifer K. Stuller (GeekGirlCon, Ink-Stained Amazon) will talk with Robyn Jordan (Black Girls Nerd Out), Robyn Jordan (Black Girls Create), Suzanne Scott (UT Austin), Josh Siegel (Geeks Out), Fox Smith (Super Heroines, Etc.), Amber Garza (Sequential Rights, Geeks Out), and Maddy VonHoff (ONE Campaign, GeekGirlCon) about how memes, cosplay, and performance challenge stereotypes and raise consciousness around identity politics, rebellions being built on favorite fandoms (and, of course, hope).  

Hasbro: Star Wars
1:00pm - 2:00pm, Room 7AB 

Members of the Hasbro team discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars line. Attendees will get an in-depth look at Hasbro's latest action figure offerings. Word on the HoloNet is that there may also be a few surprises, including a special product reveal!  
The Science of Star Wars
2:00pm - 3:00pm, Room 7AB

Ever wondered if lightsabers could one day be a reality? Curious about which Star Wars droid NASA would take into space? Expert panelists Kim Steadman (engineer, NASA-JPL), Kieran Dickson (editor,, MGM Studios), Fon Davis (Star Wars production designer), Travis Langley (editor, Star Wars Psychology), Steve Huff (fight choreographer and weapons expert), Eliot Sirota (VFX expert), and host Jenna Busch (creator, Legion of Leia) act as your Bor Gullet into the mind of Star Wars creators and break down the science behind a galaxy far, far away. Q&As, surprises, and giveaways will follow.  

Judges on Star Wars
3:00pm - 4:00pm, Room 7AB 

Is the dark side an addiction or a choice for Kylo Ren? What are the civil rights of droids? Did interrogating Bodhi Rook with the Bor Gullet violate Rook's civil rights? Join California Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino CuĂ©llar, Judge John B. Owens of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin, Federal Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, CA Judge Carol Najera, and former Federal Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal (now deputy general counsel of litigation at Facebook) to hear their legal analysis, and love, of Star Wars. Moderated by Joshua Gilliland, Esq. and Jessica Mederson, Esq. of The Legal Geeks.  

IDW Publishing: The Rise of Fall
4:00pm - 5:00pm, Room 4

IDW goes galactic this fall with the launch of Star Wars, an entirely new Star Trek, and much more! Learn about their massive plans and many special announcements courtesy of IDW CCO Chris Ryall, IDW group editor Sarah Gaydos, and a cast of thousands! Well, dozens. Or at least a good handful of smart and interesting creators, anyway . . . .  

Star Wars and Fandom: The Early Years
4:00pm - 5:00pm, Room 7AB 

In honor of Star Wars's 40th anniversary and its long association with Comic-Con, Craig Miller, Lucasfilm's original director of fan relations, gives a slide show on the early association between Star Wars and fandom, including photos from Comic-Con in the 1970s and stories about how fans got involved and were kept involved from even before the film came out.  

Star Wars Music and Sound
5:00pm - 6:00pm, Room 7AB

A special 40th anniversary panel on the greatest sonic universe of them all! Meet the people who helped create the iconic music and sound design of Star Wars. Guests from the original London sessions and their 2017 Hollywood counterparts swap behind-the-scenes stories of the first time the music was heard. Skywalker Sound special guests (Star Wars: The Last Jedi), LSO's David Cripps (Star Wars trilogy), Richard Anderson (Star Wars: A New Hope, Raiders of the Lost Ark), and Ramiro Belgardt (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: The Last Jedi) reveal how elephants and telephone poles became the sounds of space battles! Moderated by Steve Lee (Apollo 13) and David Raiklen (Star Trek).  

Basic Star Wars Robotics A La Mouse Droid 
6:00pm - 7:00pm, Room 7AB 

Learn what makes a mouse droid tick and its place in the Star Wars universe. Mouse droid builders share their expertise and provide you with the knowledge you'll need to build your very own mouse droid from an easy-budget build to a high-end speed racer or tank-like demolition derby mouse droid. 

Star Wars' Dysfunctional Skywalker Family  
7:00pm - 8:00pm, Room 7AB 

Twins separated at birth, domestic abuse near a volcano, and child abandonment on desert planets . . . the root of all evil in the Star Wars universe is not the dark side, it's bad parenting! This panel will look at the future of the Skywalker family and how Kylo Ren's parents' divorce may have adversely affected him. Plus, the panel will speculate on what's to come in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Join Chris Gore (Film Threat), Chelsea Blackstone (YouTube's Figure Fights), Jeff Tucker (Gemr CollectorCast) along with guest comedians and Star Wars experts for a fun yet serious look at how poor parenting choices in the Skywalker family led to a galaxy far, far away thrown into chaos.  

Star Wars Trivia Game Panel
9:00pm - 10:00pm, Room 7AB 

Members of the San Diego Star Wars Society, veteran hosts of trivia panels at Comic-Con International, have prepared an even more challenging contest this year for fans who think they know the galaxy far, far away. Returning this year will be a game round for kids ages 5-11, followed by three adult game rounds (ages 12 and up). All game rounds are conducted in a Last Man Standing format. Come test your knowledge, and you may win some of the thousands of dollars of prizes provided by Star Wars licensees. Trivia panel hosts are Leia Hornedo, Linda Crispien, Brendan Prout, Carlos Munoz, Jessica Woods, and Collin Gomez. 

For fans looking to see people who have worked on Star Wars or key members of the fan community on panels that aren't specifically about Star Wars may also want to check out these panels, 

Hero Worship: Capes, Conflicts, and the Creative Process
10:00am - 11:00am, Room 6DE 

Peek inside the craniums of worldbuilding artists Frank Miller (300, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and Tony DiTerlizzi (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Star Wars: The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight) as they participate in a lively conversation moderated by Borys Kit (senior film writer, The Hollywood Reporter) about the heroes and anti-heroes that inhabit their works, their creative and artistic heroes, the responsibility they feel to inspire a new generation of artists, and their upcoming career retrospectives at the Norman Rockwell Museum.

International Association of Media Tie-In Writers: Scribe Awards
2:00pm - 3:00pm, Room 32AB

Jonathan Maberry (X-Files) hosts this year's Scribe Awards for excellence in tie-in writing, including honoring this year's Grandmaster Award Faust winner, Christie Golden (Star Wars: Dark Disciple). Join panelists Michael A. Black (The Executioner), Glenn Hauman (the Star Trek franchise), Nancy Holder (Ghostbusters), and Marv Wolfman (Suicide Squad) for a lively look at one of the most popular yet underappreciated branches of the writing trade.   

Superstars in Children's Fiction
4:00pm - 5:00pm, Room 23ABC

Meet children's book and graphic novel superstars as they discuss how they create the heroes, characters, and books that kids love from Goosebumps to Jedi Academy. Featuring Jarrett Krosoczka (Star Wars Jedi Academy), Lucas Turnbloom and Greg Grunberg (Dream Jumper) [also plays Snap Wexley in The Force Awakens], R. L. Stine (Goosebumps), Jennifer Holm and Matt Holm (Swing it, Sunny), and Molly Ostertag (The Witch Boy).  

Skybound Entertainment: Creators, Fans, and Franchises 
4:30pm - 5:30pm, Room 6BCF 

Skybound Entertainment's Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead franchise, Invincible) and the company's CEO and fellow producer David Alpert (The Walking Dead franchise, Outcast) discuss their upcoming slate of television and film projects, including the film adaptation of Kirkman's long-running comic series Invincible, their AMC comic book docuseries Heroes and Villains, and more. Kirkman and Alpert will be joined by Skybound Entertainment's Catherine Winder (The Angry Birds Movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Sean Furst (Star-Crossed, Dice), and T. Q. Jefferson (Telltale's The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Michonne), who will dive into what's next for the company in the VR, gaming, and animation space. Moderated by Steve Zaragoza. 

Mold, Resin, 3D Printing, and FX Techniques 
5:00pm - 6:00pm, Room 11 

Samuel Girgis (owner of BiggerBoxModels) will discuss modeling techniques, 3D printing, and business ideas in the "Garage Kit" world. Fon Davis (25-year veteran of miniature VFX who has worked on over 25 feature films, including the Star Wars series) will give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the world of practical VFX and how they fit in the digital world. Don Wistos will share the practical uses of 3D printer mold techniques in the world of Garage Kits. 

If You Love Something, Make a Book of It
7:30pm - 8:30pm, Room 24ABC

While many writers and artists incorporate their favorite pop culture characters, stories, and universes into their work, some have made the leap from ardent fan to published creator. Come hear the stories of authors and artists who have taken their fan obsessions and turned them into books that further inspire and entertain fans worldwide. Find out how their popular works came to be, what it’s like creating with pop culture icons, and how these works have opened new opportunities for them. Moderator April Whitney (Chronicle Books) talks with Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son, Star Wars: Jedi Academy), Tim Leong (Star Wars Super Graphic), Scott Koblish (Deadpool, The Many Deaths of Scott Koblish), Jenny Parks (Star Trek Cats), and Brandon Bird (Brandon Bird’s Astonishing World of Art).

Hollywood Sci-Fi and Horror Museums
8:00pm - 9:00pm, Room 7AB 

Join the greatest names in sci-fi and horror for the Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and the Hollywood Horror Museum. Founded by Clive Barker, John Carpenter, Greg Nicotero, David Gerrold, Sara Karloff, Ronald D. Moore, and many others, both museums will teach and inspire future filmmakers, astronauts, special effects artists, and more. Props include two Star Trek Enterprise Bridge sets, plus items from Star Wars, The Walking Dead, X-Men, Batman, and nearly every film and TV show in the galaxy!   

As you can see, Friday at SDCC is a big one for Star Wars fans!  Friday is traditionally known as Star Wars Day at Comic Con, so it's nice to see that tradition continue.  Check back tomorrow to see what there for Star Wars fans on Saturday this year!  You can also see what Star Wars exclusives are coming to SDCC here.

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