Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Vanity Fair Writer Says Rian Johnson Told Him Not to Expect Much Snoke in 'The Last Jedi'

By: Dominic Jones

One character that has captured the imagination of Star Wars fans in the lead up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year is Andy Serkis' Supreme Leader Snoke.  Both in the lead up to The Force Awakens and in the time since then, there have been plenty of theories about who the character could be (most of them are pretty ridiculous).  Many were hoping that answers about Snoke's origins and motives would be revealed in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, but it looks like we may have to wait even longer for those answers. 

After Vanity Fair unveiled Annie Leibovitz's pictures of the cast from The Last Jedi this morning, David Kamp, author of the cover story that Leibovitz's photos appeared alongside, took part in a Reddit AMA and had a small insight on Snoke.  Kamp revealed that when asked writer/director Rian Johnson about Snoke he was pretty direct in his answer that Snoke is not something he explored all that much in Episode VIII.

Kamp said, "I asked Rian Johnson about Snoke—Who/what is he?—and Rian was fairly up front in saying that Snoke is not a character he particularly gets into in TLJ. Hmmm."

Snoke is something of an enigma in the sequel trilogy.  He only had three short scenes in The Force Awakens and, as stated above, little is known about his origins or true motives.  Snoke told Hux at the end of Episode VII to bring him Kylo Ren so he could complete his training, so speculation had been that we would see this training in The Last Jedi.  It sounds as though Snoke's role in Episode VIII will have more to do with his impact on Kylo rather than the specifics of his own history and objectives.

At the very least, this means Steele Saunders will be able to keep making "Your Snoke Theory Sucks" merch for the next two years.  Get yours here!

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