Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rumor: Details About Luke's Gear in 'The Last Jedi'

By: Dominic Jones

One of the biggest question marks heading in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi is Luke Skywalker.  After finally finding the lost Jedi master at the end of The Force Awakens, there are plenty of questions regarding what Luke has been doing since Return of the Jedi and what his life is like on Ach-To.  Our friends over at have heard some details about some of the gear Luke Skywalker keeps on the island, giving us some insight into what his existence has been like for the past thirty years.  As always, there is a chance this may not be true, but if you are trying to avoid all The Last Jedi rumors then stop reading now.  This is your SPOILER ALERT! 

According to MSW, three pieces of gear that Luke has with on Ach-To are a compass, an orange backpack, and a walking stick with a cattle prod-esque weapon on the end.  The compass in particular is thought to be something of significance and is described as being, 

"a box with a blue marble-like orb on the top. I believe Luke Skywalker moves his hand over the blue orb and the box opens up to reveal the compass inside the box. The interior of the box has metallic dials with Aurebesh writing inside denoting some “space” version of North, South, East, and West with a needle to point the way."

The backpack is sounds rather plain, with a knife inside and mesh water bottle holder.  The stick apparently, "looks like something you would just casually zap a pest with" and clips onto his belt where his lightsaber would normally go.  

One other thing MSW notes is a very intriguing rumor about what Luke and Rey might be doing in the film.  According to MSW,

"There is a rumor that near the end of the film, Luke is going for Snoke and Rey is going for Kylo. I asked the person that believes this to be true if they have an encounter in the film and they didn’t know for sure."

Many have predicted how that might go, with Rey continuing her rivalry with Kylo Ren established in The Force Awakens and the two masters facing off.

As always, this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.

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