Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Finn Will Truly Be A "Big Deal" In 'The Last Jedi', Says John Boyega

By: Benjamin Hart

During one particular scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, runaway Stormtrooper Finn, played by John Boyega, falsely boasts to Han Solo (Harrison Ford) that he is a "big deal in the Resistance". While Solo saw right through the lie at the time, and sarcastically referred to Finn as "big deal" throughout the rest of the film, Finn would ironically become the hero he claimed to be near the end of Episode VII.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, John Boyega spoke about Finn and his climactic Lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens, and where we find the character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Apparently Finn's battle, and subsequent injury at the hands of Ren, will make him into somewhat of a legend among the ranks of the Resistance. Boyega explains:

“The funny thing is, between VII and VIII, Finn’s now a big deal! He is now a big deal. Imagine that – you get taken down by Kylo Ren. Think about what the gossip’s going to be like in the Resistance. ‘Oh, that’s the guy that got slashed down by Kylo?’”

Boyega also addressed Finn's condition in Epsidoe VIII. Earlier today it was confirmed by Vanity Fair that Finn will wear a "Bacta Suit"for a portion of the film to help heal his wounds. It sounds like it will take a lot to get Finn back on his feet:

Finn’s in a bad way at the end of VII. He has a lot of issues. He got slashed with a saber, and that took him down real hard, so he’s in a coma. That suit, that whole thing helps him to recover. But we’re not sure whether that means he’ll wake up... There’s some additional few things that need to be done to make him mobile. He’s definitely in a place where he needs some help,”

But the good news is Finn will presumably make a full recovery in The Last Jedi and he will be seeing a lot of action, much of which he'll be experiencing alongside another unlikely hero; Resistance maintenance worker Rose Tico, played by Kelly Marie Tran:

“It’s Finn and Rose, they’re on a massive adventure. It’s a big mission they need to complete. The Resistance is under immense pressure, and it’s time for them to get a bit of help. That’s where Finn and Rose come in, and they’re thrust into a crazy adventure.”

Read more of EW's interview with John Boyega by clicking here.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 15th!

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