Friday, April 7, 2017

Mara Jade Model, Shannon McRandle Needs Your Help 'Star Wars' Fans

By: Connor Heggie

The model who became the face of the Expanded Universe's most popular character needs help, and Star Wars fans are rallying to her cause. 

Shannon McRandle, who became known to fans as the official image of Mara Jade in the 1990s, has been fighting cancer since 2013. Being diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Stage 3 Anal Caner. Having already gone through AS treatment with little effect. With chemo and radiation therapy having damaged her white and red blood cells giving her Osteoporosis. It has not been pleasant for her. And now her insurance does not cover the next phase of her treatment and needs help to cover medical fees to fight this awful disease.

To help cover these fees, Shannon and her family have set up a Go Fund Me Campaign which we have been made aware of:

For those that don’t know, Shannon Lynn McRandle is a professional model and actress who was hired by Lucasfilm to be the image of Star Wars Legends Character Mara Jade back in the late 90’s for the Star Wars Card Games. Since then her likeness has been used for many years in various Books, Comic and Games. With even a rumor where she would appear in the Special Edition version of Return of the Jedi as a cameo. However this didn’t occur.

"She is a big, bold character. Strong, self efficient, beautiful, smart. Who wouldn't like her. I loved reading about her and was very happy being asked to portray her. She really set the goal for the female characters in the SW Universe! I liked her best when she was Darkside, least when she was getting married… I thought the fussing over the wedding dress in the comic was a little unlike her. She was most fun when she was trying to kick Luke's butt!"
―Shannon McRandle about Mara Jade

So far Shannon’s Campaign has risen $8,020 out of the $9,000 goal in under two weeks. With some fans donating hundreds of dollars to help her. With less than $1000 to go we’re hoping this article can bring more awareness to her struggle. And us fans can help make that goal.

Mara Jade needs your help Star Wars Fans. Check the link out, have a read of it, give it a share and donate of possible. That goal is close to being made.

May the Force be with you, Shannon McRandle

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