Wednesday, March 22, 2017

'Star Wars Rebels' Executive Producer Discusses Darth Maul's Fate

 By: Dominic Jones

Warning: This story contains spoilers from the latest Star Wars Rebels episode, "Twin Suns"

The final moments of the most recent Star Wars Rebels episode, "Twin Suns", are some of the most discussed moments of the series.  The episode featured the final showdown between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul on Tatooine, with Kenobi finally finishing the job he started back in The Phantom Menace and killing Maul.  iO9 recently spoke with Rebels co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni about "Twin Suns" and Maul's ultimate fate.

On the final moments between Obi-Wan and Maul, Filoni said,
“It really is to express the difference between the Jedi and the Sith. Which is the Jedi become selfless and the Sith remain selfish. When pressed, because Obi-Wan is protecting someone else in the end, he does fight. But because he is so true and knows who he is in that moment, you can’t defeat that. So Obi-Wan is going to strike down Maul because Maul is such a broken and lost person, which I think is why in the end you see Maul being cradled by Obi-Wan.

This idea is that Obi-Wan is willing to forgive this person who is so cruel and terrible because he feels pity for him. To his dying breath Maul is hoping there will be some revenge exacted upon his enemies. And in my mind, Obi-Wan expresses sadness there because that means that Maul has never grown and will never be released from his suffering. So I felt that moment had to be beyond a lightsaber fight and had to be more an expression of their characters.” 

He also spoke about the brief cameo Luke Skywalker makes in the episode and how this was really intended for new fans,
"We have to look at every episode of Rebels as if you’ve never seen Star Wars before. So if you think of it that way whenever Maul and Obi-Wan are talking about ‘The Chosen One’ or ‘Who are you protecting?’ if you never see or we don’t give the context of that, there are a lot of people who won’t know whats going on there. The Star Wars fan will but the average person will not. So at the very least the scene establishes, in its simplest form, there’s Obi-Wan, he was protecting someone, and there’s a woman yelling ‘Luke,’ and we see what we think of as a young boy running. ‘Oh, so Obi-Wan is protecting a boy named Luke.’ It’s designed to give you that specific bit of information that you need in the story." 

He also promised that there would be repercussions for Ezra based on the events of this episode next season, saying,
“Going into season four now Ezra has a much greater sense of who he is.... season three, in a lot of ways, has been about a quest for power, for true allies and true family. So you see most of the characters deal with that in season three.”

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