Thursday, March 9, 2017

More Details About Footage From 'The Last Jedi' Shown at Disney Investor Conference

By: Dominic Jones

Yesterday, the first footage from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi was shown to anyone outside the production.  Attendees of the Disney Shareholders conference in Denver, Colorado got a quick peak at The Last Jedi, among other Disney films.  Slashfilm spoke with an attendee of the conference who was able to add more detail to the initial descriptions that came out earlier today.  Check it out below,

  • An interior shot from Star Wars: The Last Jedi featuring Luke Skywalker (in some sort of cave or maybe one of the stone huts seen on his island?) saying “Who are you?”
  • Poe Dameron in his X-Wing yelling “It’s now or never” as it cuts back to BB-8.
  • Fighters flying through a line-up of the Resistance fleet – had a feel similar to Rogue One over Scarif.
  • Chewbacca roars.
  • A shot of Captain Phasma.
  • Finn dressed as a First Order Officer on the bridge of a First Order ship. Actress Kelly Marie Tran was standing to Finn’s left, also dressed in a First Order uniform.
  • Several shots of Rey igniting and spinning Luke’s lightsaber.
  • Rey’s hand, in slow motion, with all five fingertips touching the ground and pebbles and dirt hovering around her hand.
  • Leia turning to the camera with a hologram of the fleet behind her
  • An X-wing flying into a hangar, possibly the Resistance’s since it looked like another X-wing was parked there – with the nose of the X-wing flaring/popping upwards as the X-wing braked quickly in the air.
  • There was also a wide shot of the island, with Rey out on the point of a ridge practicing with her lightsaber as Luke is farther up the ridge, looking down towards her.

An extended version of The Force Awakens final scene/opening scene of The Last Jedi was also played that apparently featured Luke taking the lightsaber from Rey (with both hands) and looking in the direction of the camera.

Like I said yesterday, it really sounds like they're going all in with the stuff fans want to see in the first trailer for The Last Jedi (Luke speaking, Rey in action, Finn, the late Carrie Fisher, BB-8 and Poe, Captain Phasma, Kelly Marie Tran, etc.), the only thing that seems to be missing is Kylo Ren, Hux, and Snoke.  It will be interesting to see how similar the footage shown to the investors was from the first trailer/whatever they show at Celebration next month.  

This description of the footage also confirms some the long standing rumors about about Finn and Kelly Marie Tran's character.  First off, just the fact that they are seen together lends credence to the idea that they will be spending a lot of the movie together.  It also confirms the report that Finn would be seen in a First Order officer's costume at some point in the film (though it seems pretty safe to say he'll be undercover for the Resistance).

The other question is, is "Who are you?" Luke's actual first line of dialogue in the film?  Most speculated it would based on the first reports yesterday.  However, given that the line appears to be said in a different location from where the lightsaber hand off toke place, it's now less than certain.  It's still possible (Luke could take the saber, gesture to Rey to follow him, go into one of the Ach-To stone huts, and say "Who are you?"), but there is also a definite possibility Luke's first line of dialogue will be different in the final film.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.  The film is written and directed by Rian Johnson and stars Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Carrie Fisher.

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