Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tiya Sircar Discusses the Development of Sabine on 'Star Wars Rebels'

By: Dominic Jones

The last episode of Star Wars Rebels before the hiatus was a huge one for the character of Sabine Wren. The character's backstory had been left largely unexplored for the first two and a half season, but was brought to the forefront in a major way in "Trials of the Darksaber" and will continue to be explored in the next episode "Legacy of Mandalore" (which airs on February 18th).  But while Sabine's backstory is just now being revealed to fans, actress Sabine (who voices the character) recently told that she's known Sabine's backstory from the beginning.

Sircar said,
“At the very beginning, when, I think, Vanessa [Marshall, voice of Hera], Freddie [Prinze, Jr. voice of Kanan], and I had our very first meeting with Dave and had our first recording session, we sat down and basically had a chat about our characters and a little background about each of them and the dynamic between the characters, and I think it was then, which was years ago at this point, he told me some of her … he told me a version of her backstory.  I was so intrigued and he said, ‘We’re going to get to it, but not just yet. That’s going to be over several seasons, hopefully, we’ll flesh this out but this is basically what happened to you and why you’re here.'”

She went on to explain that, while it did evolve, the story largely remained intact over the course of the series, saying,
“It was this huge, huge secret that I didn’t even know if the Ghost crew knew. Only half of that [what she was originally told] is now what was revealed, because it was a different scenario with my family members, or which family members and what happened, but the basic storyline about the weapon and who the Empire was going to use the weapon against and that being why I left, and carrying this tremendous guilt; all of that was given to me from the very, very beginning.”

It would be interesting to learn what changed in the story.  One thing that seems like a probable evolution of the story is the inclusion of Darth Maul.  If the original plan was for Maul to die in "Twilight of the Apprentice" as has been suggested, then the specifics of how Sabine definitely had to change.  What else changed is hopefully something that will be discussed in "Rebels Recon" or in the episode guides on or in a hypothetical "Making of Star Wars Rebels" book that would likely never be written (though it totally should be).

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