Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Report: Lucasfilm Trademarks 'Star Wars: Rivals'

By: Dominic Jones

There is a lot of Star Wars projects in various stages of production these days.  Not only are there films like The Last Jedi, the Han Solo film, and Episode IX, and animated series like Star Wars Rebels, but also countless books, comics, and video games.  Most of these projects remain shrouded in secret, but we may have just learned the title of an upcoming Star Wars release.  Our friends over at The Star Wars Post noticed today that Lucasfilm has trademarked the title Star Wars: Rivals.  It appears this is the title for an upcoming video game.

It seems to be a very real possibility that Star Wars: Rivals could be the title of a mobile game, of which there have been many since the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.  ComicBook.com noticed that the trademark listing is almost identical to the one for the recently released mobile game Star Wars: Force Arena.  With this is mind, it would appear that safe bet is that Star Wars: Rivals is an upcoming mobile game.

In the unlikely scenario that it's not a mobile game, there are a few other possibilities. There are several video games in production from Electronic Arts and Lucasfilm, including a sequel to 2015's Star Wars Battlefront, due out later this year.  There is also a game being worked on by the studio Visceral, under the leadership of Amy Henning (Uncharted), that has been in production for several years and isn't expected until next year at the earliest.  The studio Respawn is also working on a 3rd person game.  If Star Wars: Rivals is to be one of these games it seems most likely to be the Visceral game.  It's highly unlikely that this title for Battlefront, given that the word "Battlefront" is not featured in it.  And given how long the Visceral game has been in production it seems highly unlikely that the Respawn game will be released (and have a title trademarked) first. 

Another possibility, albeit unlikely, is that this is not a title for a video game at all, and is actually the title for a new animated series.  We do know a new animated series is in the works, with writer Jennifer Muro already confirming she's involved.  However, the language used on the trademarks does not line up with the type of language typically used in trademarks related to animation.  According to The Star Wars Post, "Trademarks for the animation series tend to have specific verbiage in the records that state film production and distribution".

Star Wars: Rivals is a pretty generic title so really there is not much we can glean from the title about the project that is for.  It could apply to just about anything across the board.  Hopefully we'll find out what it is sooner, rather than later.

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