Thursday, January 12, 2017

'Rogue One' Editor Discusses the Film's Third Act

By: Dominic Jones

There's no denying Rogue One: A Star Wars Story went through a lot changes with extensive reshoots last summer.  The changes that were made to the film's first act have been discussed in the past, but there are more questions about what was changed in the film's third act, given there were many scenes in the trailers and featurettes that never made it into the film.  While the production team still aren't ready to go in depth about what was changed in the film's third act (though a recent ABC News report showed an alternate death for K-2SO and Cassian Andor), one of the film's editors John Gilroy, who was brought on well after principle photography had ended, did speak with iO9 about the process of putting together the final act of the film.

Gilroy said,
“For all the bells and whistles in the third act, the important thing is what’s happening with the main characters.  These are the things you follow first and you work out from there. So as wonderful and complicated as the star battle was, that had to fit into what was going on on the ground.”

He also addressed the comparison of the Rogue One reshoots to what went on with the film Suicide Squad, which he also worked on, saying,
“I didn’t agree with everything we did on Suicide Squad.  But I did agree with everything we did on Rogue One. These things happen. These movies are very big, there’s a lot riding on them and sometimes it makes people change course or think of a new direction for their film before release.”

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