Monday, January 16, 2017

John Knoll Reveals The Fate Of Rogue One's Hammerhead Crew

By: Benjamin Hart

One of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's biggest fist-pump moments was the scene in which a Hammerhead Corvette is used as a battering ram to push one Star Destroyer into another. Recently we learned more about how the Hammerhead ship made its way from Star Wars Rebels to Rogue One. Now we have acquired some key information about the fate of the Hammerhead and her crew.

Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican spoke with executive producer, and Industrial Light and Magic's chief creative officer, John Knoll about Rogue One, and the mystery surrounding the Hammerhead came up. The survival of the ship's crew has been heavily questioned due to the Hammerhead last being seen plunging into Scarif's shield gate along with the Destroyers. Knoll explains that this was a subject of discussion during the production of the film:

“There was some talk about, ‘Hey, is this a suicide mission? Are all these guys going down with the Star Destroyers?’ I started pushing for this idea that maybe in one of the shots we could have all these lifeboats, the escape pods, shoot out of it... We did an animation of that, but Gareth [Edwards, the director] thought it was a little distracting, so we turned that off.”

But Knoll and his animators were not deterred and found a way to save the crew:

“The last shot you see of the Star Destroyers crashing down through the gate — it’s a very subtle thing, and it would probably be hard to tell this – but the lifeboats are all gone on the Hammerhead. It’s my story that the Hammerhead crew got into the life boats and made it out.”

Be sure to check out the full interview over at EW, which includes John Knoll's ideas about what happened to those jettisoned escape pods.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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