Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stephen Stanton Talks Voicing Rogue One's Admiral Raddus

By: Benjamin Hart

With every new Star Wars film comes loads of new characters that become instantly icon and beloved. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now in theaters, and one of it's breakout characters is Mon Calamari Rebel leader Admiral Raddus. The short, grey alien is voiced by veteran voice actor(and good friend of the SWU) Stephen Stanton. Business Insider recently caught up with Stephen who spoke about the audition process and his character's important role in Rogue One.

He explains that back in August he tried out for the mysterious role, which was described as a military leader named "Admiral Haggis" at the time, and provided a few different voices that crossed Winston Churchill with George S. Patton as instructed:

“There was no mention of Disney or Lucasfilm, I didn’t know what studio was involved. I wasn’t even told it was for a feature film.”

Just days later he received word that he had gotten the part and that it was for Rogue One. He then proceeded to take part in a two day recording session where he synced his voice with the performance of actor Paul Kasey, who played Raddus on set. He also received directions from John Knoll and Tony Gilroy:

“It’s just like doing a voice match, because I have to record to picture. So the scenes are done up to a certain point, not all the effects were in place yet, I was looking at a lot of things that were green screen and partially finished sequences. But they would show me the scene and then they would show me a little bit ahead of it so I knew the context of what it is that I was trying to record.”

Stanton also points out the difference between his character and another legendary Mon Calamari, Admiral Ackbar:

“Ackbar in ‘Return of the Jedi’ is more of a skeptic, he wasn’t sure they could pull it off, Raddus is aggressive, he’s a bulldog,”

And he shared his reaction to seeing Raddus on the big screen:

“I wasn't aware how the whole thing fit together so when I finally saw it, yeah, I was aware of the emotions that I brought to the scenes I was in, but I didn't know what happened up to and after that. I’m rooting for Raddus and what will happen, like everyone else, and that’s a thrilling feeling.” 

Be sure to read the full interview over at Business Insider!

You can see Admiral Raddus in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, in theaters now!

Source: Business Insider

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