Friday, November 11, 2016

New 'Star Wars: Catalyst' Excerpt Released

By: Dominic Jones

Lucasfilm and Del Rey publishing released a new preview of Star Wars: Catalyst—A Rogue One Novel today on Entertainment Weekly's website.  The novel is a prequel to the upcoming film set during the clone wars, focusing on the Galen Erso (played by Mads Mikkelsen in the film) and Orson Krennic (Ben Mendolsohn) relationship.  The novel will also feature a young Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and her mother Lyra.  Catalyst is written James Luceno (Tarkin, Darth Plagueis) and hits shelves next week on November 15th.  The new excerpt features a quiet moment between Galen and Jyn.  Check it out below,

Sitting hunched on the couch in their residence in the facility, Galen looked up from his notebook in recognition of the fact that he and Jyn were actually occupying the same room—an infrequent event in the wake of renewed tension between him and Lyra.  She had her sketch screen in her lap and was working furiously on a creating an image of some sort, speaking quietly but animatedly to herself while she worked the controls and drew her forefinger across the screen.

Galen had his own small datapad in hand and was working on an equation he had been struggling with for weeks.  Having found a way to alter the internal structure of the crystals, the kybers seemed in turn to have found a way to alter his.  Despite not having heard from Orson, a new sense of urgency had crept into the research, as if someone or something was whispering to him to hurry, hurry …

Ever since he had transmitted the faceting data to Orson and his team, he felt as if he had been running a low-grade fever, with some part of his mind fixed on solving a calculation that was veiled from consciousness.  That it regarded the kybers he had no doubt, but the actual nature of the problem had yet to reveal itself.  Plagued nonetheless, he had documented his dreams in the notebook.  He had long ago mapped the landscape of his subconscious and could usually decipher what his dreams were telling him, but his recent ones seemed to be taking place off the map, set in unknown regions of his mind.  The dream journal ran for several pages, with many of its entries written in the middle of the night or immediately following a nap, and were broken here and there by sketches that rambled into calculations, stray thoughts, microscopically jotted notes he could barely untangle even now.

We see in the preview that Galen is working on something involving Kyber crystals.  Lucasfilm has slowly been alluding to the idea that the Death Star's weapon is powered by massive Kyber crystals, so to have him working on the seems to confirm the idea that he is responsible for the design of the super laser.

Also in Catalyst news, released a blog post titled "6 Reasons Catalyst is Essential Reading If You Plan to See Rogue One".  Among the reasons are the news that Tarkin will be appearing in the novel and the backstory behind Jyn's relationship with Saw Gerrera will be revealed.
Star Wars: Catalyst—A Rogue One Novel hits shelves on Tuesday November 15th!

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