Sunday, October 23, 2016

The IPC Podcast #118 | Big Announcements & Suicide Squad


Hey guys! Ben Here. As you know, in addition to being a co-host on the weekly Star Wars Underworld Podcast, I have also had the pleasure of co-hosting the Intergalactic Peace Coalition Podcast with our good friend Zac Arnold. While the IPC has been previously available to listen live on Channel 1138, as well as later on iTunes, we have just launched an official partnership with The SWU to bring each of our episodes here to Each week you can hear us record live at 10:00pm ET on Channel 1138, and on Saturday you can find the recorded versions here on the site and on iTunes.

For those who are unfamiliar with IPC, we love to discuss Star Wars quite frequently on the show, but we also take it upon ourselves to explore an assortment of other topics and franchises, including Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, Firefly and many others. Each episode also features a "quote of the night", an IMDB movie game, and even a segment focused on barbecue. We have a ton of fun every week and are often joined by guests from The Star Wars Underworld team and beyond. We hope you give our newest episode a listen below, and continue listening into the future!

On this episode of the IPC Podcast, Ben and Zac reveal some big announcements that you won't want to miss! In addition, they also sit down to discuss DC's most recent theatrical outing, Suicide Squad. Was it truly as good or bad as people are saying? What did they think of Jared Leto's Joker? And was this movie made a few years too early? They discuss all of that and more. Plus, listen for another round of 1-2-3, the Quote Of The Night, #BBQWatch and much, much more!

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