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So  if you are a fan of The Clone Wars animated series. then I highly recommend you watch a new Star Wars themed videocast that started earlier this year. The YouTube series is hosted by Chad Peak aka Peak-OB1 Custom Creations and Darth Daddy and Elias from Customs for the Kid. We're all Star Wars custom action figure artists that were showcased at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim last year in the "Star Wars Custom Action Figure Panel". The Star Wars Underworld audience may already be familiar with me from my "Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner" column that I have been writing here since the beginning of 2014. 

In our show, we pay tribute to The Clone Wars TV series through plastic. Action figure art to be exact. The Clone Wars was one of our favorite installments from Star Wars franchise and me and Chad were both big supporters of the "Save The Clone Wars" movement. Now, we understand that all things come to pass, and while we accepted the show's demise, we decided that although the show was no more, we can keep the show alive in our own way. 

In each show, we spend a little time talking about the content in the episodes, and take the time to point out the easter eggs too. In this way, we aren't very different from your average Star Wars review show. Well, the similarities stop there. The unique thing about "Customizing The Clone Wars", is that little something extra. 

"What is so special about it?" you ask.

Well, we showcase Clone Wars custom action figures that were never produced from each Clone Wars episode. So many interesting characters never made it into action figure form and out onto store pegs, but many of these characters were compelling enough that we wish that they did. In each episode we try to feature at least five action figures per episode that we made ourselves. On the plus side, even if you are very familiar with our work, you can still see an action figure that you never saw before because we're still actively making new ones. Sometimes we find ourselves making a new figure the week before our next episode airs and you can get an exclusive reveal of a new piece when you tune in.

We  also take the time to show the work of other action figure artists, and their noteworthy contributions to the Clone Wars 3.75" action figure line. While we share images of our creations, the audience receives details about the fabrication of each figure including action figure recipes, as well as the tools, mediums and techniques used.

The photos pictured below are only a small sample of what is on display. 




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