Monday, September 12, 2016

Adam Driver Talks About Working With JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson

By: Dominic Jones

Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival this week to promote his role in the upcoming Jim Jarmusch film Patterson (hitting theaters December 28th, 2016).  Naturally he was asked about Star Wars Episode VIII, which recently wrapped production, and, of course, he couldn't say much.  He did speak with The Toronto Sun about what it was like working on blockbuster films with directors like JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson.  He stated that, for him, acting is less about making money and more about working with great directors.

Driver said, 
“I’d much rather do movies with great directors for nothing, but I also feel in the franchise world I lucked out. On the first one, J.J. [Abrams] was directing, and on the most recent one, Rian Johson was directing. So, the type of horror stories I’ve heard about typical Hollywood blockbuster franchises, I can’t relate to any of that, because the people in charge, the directors I’ve been lucky enough to work with at this point, have a very specific vision.

They’re all about breaking it into moments, and solving those moments, and that leads to the next moment. So even though the scale of it is bigger, it’s not really different from working on anything smaller. Other than, maybe the catering is better.  The amenities are better. But that doesn’t work its way into the movie. No one is going to watch Star Wars and think, ‘Oh! those guys got to stay in better trailers.’”

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