Thursday, August 11, 2016

Natalie Portman Reveals She Visited the 'Rogue One' and 'Episode VIII' Sets

By: Dominic Jones

Though she has distanced herself from the saga in the past few years, Natalie Portman is still willing to talk a little Star Wars.  The actress who played Padme Amidala in the Prequel Trilogy spoke with The LA Times recently about her upcoming directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness, and the topic of Star Wars came up.  Portman revealed that she recently spent some time at Pinewood Studios in London filming another upcoming project, Annihilation, right next to where the new Star Wars films are being shot.  She revealed that she visited the sets of two upcoming Star Wars films, Rogue One and Episode VIII.

She had just returned from London, where she was filming “Annihilation” at Pinewood Studios, on stages adjacent to where the next two “Star Wars” movies were in production. Portman, who many moviegoers first encountered as Padmé Amidala in the “Star Wars” prequels, said she enjoyed visiting the sets of “Rogue One” and “Episode VIII.”

“It’s fun to see that [‘Star Wars’] lives on, and now having a little boy, I see how deeply it lives in kids’ culture,” she said, noting that [her five year old son] Aleph has not seen any of the films but is familiar with the characters because of Star Wars Lego games. “He’s very Yoda-centric.”

Would it be too much to hope that she filmed a cameo appearance for one or both films?  Probably.  Both are set well after Padme's death in Revenge of the Sith, though anything is possible.  We know Rogue One will utilise flashbacks, and perhaps Luke and Leia could come across a hologram of their mother in Episode VIII (buried away in R2-D2 with the map to Luke).  Again, neither of these scenarios is at all likely. Regardless, it's cool to see Star Wars alums visiting the sets of the new films (George Lucas also visited the set of Rogue One).

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