Wednesday, August 17, 2016

EA Provides Further Details About Star Wars: Battlefront "Death Star" DLC Pack

By Ciaran Duggan,

It is exciting news for Battlefront gamers, as Star Wars EA have announced that Star Wars Battlefront is set to launch itself into the far reaches of space for the first in the newest DLC pack: Battle Station (The Death Star). In the press release, EA has informed fans that the DLC map is a "unique mode" which allows gamers to battle across "3 phases - each with a different objective":

"In Phase 1 you'll be flying X-wings and A-wings against TIE fighters and TIE interceptors in space. The main objective in this phase is for Rebels to destroy enough TIE fighters until their Y-wing support can come in to weaken the Star Destroyer's defence.

Phase 2 will have players fighting inside this iconic space station...Rebel infantry will be tasked with extracting a priority droid within the Death Star. 

And finally..players head back into space where the Rebels need to end the battle once and for all - by blowing up the Death Star! Players can become the hero of the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker, in his Red-5 X-wing as they attempt to destroy the Empire's ultimate weapon. But beware as Darth Vader has been dispatched to protect the Empire's asset in his TIE Advanced."

Other features in this new DLC pack will include:
  • New Star Cards
  • New Blasters
  • New playable Heroes: Bossk and Chewbacca

The Death Star package is set for a September release. For more information about the press release, click the EA link at the bottom of this article. I for one, as I am sure many other fans are, will be hugely excited about the prospect of, finally, battling in space!

What are you most looking forward to with this DLC pack? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Star Wars EA
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