Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mark Hamill Talks 'Episode VIII' and 'Pop Culture Quest'

By: Dominic Jones

Last week it was announced that Mark Hamill would be bringing a new series titled Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest to Comic Con HQ, subscription video on demand service from Comic Con International (the organizers of San Diego Comic Con).  The series will feature Hamill, an avid collector himself, visiting with collectors and showing of their collections (or all sorts of pop culture artifacts).  Hamill chatted with Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich about the new series, as well as a little about Episode VIII.

On what his works schedule is like on Episode VIII (which he is filming now), Hamill said,
"It’s been 6 a.m. calls every morning, and I have another one tomorrow. I’m taking to showering the night before, so I just roll out of bed 15 minutes before, and then go straight to the studio."

On what fans can expect from the new series, Hamill told EW,
"The shows will be anywhere from a minimum of a 11 minutes to a maximum of 18. Some of these collections, you think, “How are we going to get this all in in such a short period of time?” I am going up to Stratford-on-Avon here in England. A friend of mine owns a comic book store up there. I thought we should get some local color in there. We might even go to the Sgt. Bilko Museum. This is all tentative. It’s hard for me to focus on two things at once, and with Episode VIII going on, it’s overwhelming. I forgot how involved these kinds of movies are. But I’m going to do one or two [episodes] here in England, and once I get back to the States that leaves 10 or 11, and we’ll see where it takes us!"

And finally, Hamill revealed that, even though he's making the series for Comic Con HQ, he'll likely have to miss San Diego Comic Con this year due to his filming commitments on Episode VIII.  Hamill said,
"It doesn’t look like I’m gonna be able to make it this year, because of the shooting schedule here. I don’t get back until the third week in July. I wanted to go, because that’s where they’re gonna premiere The Killing Joke, and [Batman voice] Kevin Conroy is gonna be there. I’d love to see it with an audience. But it doesn’t look like my schedule’s gonna allow it this year. My major obligation right now, obviously, is to Episode VIII."

Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest is expected to debut in the fall on Comic Con HQ.  Star Wars Episode VIII hits theaters on December 17th, 2017.  The film is directer by Rian Johnson and stars Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, and more.

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