Monday, May 23, 2016

Rumor: More Details About What's Being Shot in Ireland for 'Episode VIII'

By: Dominic Jones

Awesome stuff is going down in Ireland right now.  The Star Wars Episode VIII cast and crew are there now, shooting scenes for 2017's hotly anticipated sequel to The Force Awakens.  Our friends over at have put together another very intriguing report about what's being shot.  It connects to the amazing (and very spoiler-y) report from a few days ago.  Now, as usual, there is a chance this may not be true, but if you are trying to avoid all Episode VIII spoilers then stop reading now.  This is your SPOILER ALERT!

If you recall, last week's report detailed a scene in which Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren arrive on Ach-To (the planet from the end of The Force Awakens) looking for Luke Skywalker and Rey.  Rey engages Kylo in a fight, while Luke single-handedly takes out all seven other Knights of Ren.  The following report from MSW, describes a scene that takes place just before the Knights reveal themselves to Luke and Rey,
  • There is smoke.
  • A ship appears to have crashed.
  • A group of men dressed as black knights with black helmets approach the smoky debris.
  • All of the knights then kneel around the smoky location.
  • It appears as if one of the knights perished in the crash or someone important is about to step out of it.
Sounds like this may be Kylo's big entrance.  The question is, why did the ship crash?  Did Luke and Rey sense their arrival and use the Force to knock the ship out of the sky?  Did Chewie shoot them down in the Millennium Falcon?  Or something else?  That's all just speculation on my part.

Some pictures from the shoot have showed up in the Jedi Council Forums.  It's hard to see exactly what's going on, but the location certainly looks like Ach-To and there does seem to be a little smoke in one of them.  Check them out below,

For more pics from the shoot, click here.

As always, this is just a rumor until confirmed or denied by Lucasfilm or Disney.

Sources:, Jedi Council Forums
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