Monday, May 23, 2016

'Roxy The Rancor' Creators Unveil New Luggabeast Counterpart

By: Benjamin Hart

Attendees of recent Star Wars Celebrations and other conventions are no doubt familiar with Roxy The Rancor. Roxy is a 700-pound 1:1 scale replica of the Rancor seen inside Jabba The Hutt's palace in Return Of The Jedi and was created using almost 2,000 cubic feet of polystyrene foam. Roxy has been a huge hit among Fans who are always clamoring for a photo-op with her at any event she's brought to. Now it appears Roxy will have some competition at cons in the future as her creators Rick Bohler and Erik Hollander, have introduced a brand new replica creature. A Luggabeast, recently seen being ridden by Teedo while he attempted to capture BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be hitting convention floors everywhere very soon. This creation is 8 feet tall, 13 feet long, weighs around 450 pounds and is constructed on a wood frame using a variety of materials including EPS sculpting foam, fiberglass and PVC.

In an interview wit i09, the creators spoke about how they came to choose the Luggabeast as their latest project after considering both the Rathtar and Happabore from The Force Awakens. The creature's part-owner and event coordinator Matt Paisley had this to say:

"We felt the Luggabeast was significant since it was the first scene where Rey meets BB-8, and we know there are a lot of Rey cosplayers out there who would love the opportunity to recreate that scene!”

You can see more photos of the Luggabeast below, and check out the full article on i09!

They are also in the process of choosing a name for the Luggabeast. The choices have been narrowed down to Lemmy, Louie, Lenny, Leroy and Lumpy and you can vote for your favorite by clicking here. His name will be revealed at the Luggabeast's first convention appearance this weekend at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida.

Sources: Roxy The Rancor, i09

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