Thursday, April 7, 2016

Michael Kaplan Discusses Creating The Costumes Of 'The Force Awakens'

By: Benjamin Hart

One of the most iconic elements of any Star Wars film are its costumes. Star Wars: The Force Awakens introduced a plethora of costumes, both for returning characters and brand new faces. Costume Designer Michael Kaplan was the man in charge of creating all the amazing costumes seen in the film, and recently IGN caught up with him to discuss his work. In addition, they also revealed some previously unseen pieces of concept art from the film. You can check it out some highlights below:

Kaplan first talked about improving on previous costumes that were bothersome to the wearers:

"Everybody who was coming back had some complaints about their previous costumes, so it was my job to correct those issues. There were shirts collars for Harrison that would drive him crazy, boots that were uncomfortable, and C-3PO’s costume was a nightmare to get in and out of and pinched as well. So, it was an honor to be able to go back and adjust those things."

He also discussed the development of Rey's costume:

"We knew she was going to be in a world of men doing things like climbing and dealing with rocket parts and living this Spartan life, so we had to make her practical, but we also wanted a glimmer of femininity about her. I also knew there were going to be sandstorms and dust, so I wanted the character to be in light colors. It also felt right for her emotionally and for the desert. It also felt very Star Wars especially when you look back at Luke and Leia."
"We eventually gave her a wrap, which could protect her face against dust storms. Everything is there for a reason, but it gives her a very beautiful image when all the pieces are put together. Rey wears the costume throughout the film, although we had 25 copies made and about 12 pairs of boots."

And he also details Finn's look once he sheds his Stormtrooper armor:

"We started by thinking about what a stormtrooper would wear under their armor. In the original movies, they wore leotards but that’s not something we want our leading man running around in, so we ended up with a black jean pant and more of a shirt than a leotard. But we didn’t want him all in black, so thankfully the desert covers everything with dust and makes the white shoes dark and the clothes dusty. Then when you put on the leather jacket, you have a very different look."
"We painted on red patches of acrylic paint [on the leather jacket] and then wiped them back so they got ingrained in the leather to give it more depth and character. Then we put it through various washes, adding oils and wiping them off. We’ve also added a solution of permanent dust as, of course, normal dust would fall off."

Kaplan further reveals the daunting process of creating Kylo Ren's costume, along with the Resistance and First Order garb. You can read the full interview here, as well as see all the new concept art!

Source: IGN

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