Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mark Hamill Teases Episode VIII Related Announcement Coming Sunday

By: Dominic Jones

Mark Hamill is teasing a Star Wars Episode VIII related announcement coming Sunday night at 8pm, to coincide with Daisy Ridley's birthday (which also just so happens to be the 6th anniversary of The Star Wars Underworld!).  Now Mark has not been the most trust worthy of sources lately, he recently made a similar promise last week for April Fools Day.  Regardless, if I'm going to be tricked by anyone, I'm happy to be tricked by Luke Skywalker.  Check out Mark's tweet below,

Even though we're just eight days removed from Mark's big "prank", I'm willing to believe he may actually have something this time (as Grand Moff Tarkin would say "you're far too trusting").  He seemed pretty apologetic after he "pranked" so many people.  Now, whether or not it's a mind blowing reveal that seems a little doubtful.  But maybe we'll get a still of Luke and Rey together (hence the Daisy Ridley connection).  Or maybe the Joke and/or the Trickster have gotten a hold of Mark's Twitter account again and their messing with Luke's fans.  We'll find out Sunday!

UPDATE: Mark has clarified that it's a behind the scenes picture he'll be tweeting.  Which basically means it could be anything.  Hopefully the Daisy Ridley connection means it will have something to do with Luke and Rey but, as discussed above, Mark does enjoy a good practical joke,

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