Friday, April 15, 2016

JJ Abrams Talks Constable Zuvio

By: Dominic Jones

One of the great mysteries that has surrounded Star Wars: The Force Awakens is what happened to Constable Zuvio?  Who was this character that was seemingly important enough to get an action figure before the movie came out that was then no where to be seen on December 18th?  Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican spoke with director JJ Abrams about Zuvio and it did not get off to a promising start, with Abrams asking, "Umm… which character was it?"

Abrams later explained that, "If you look at any of the creature shop behind-the-scenes photographs or videos, you’ll see that there are so many characters. And each one of them had a name and a designation. In every shot on Jakku we figured out where they would all go and what they would do."

He then added that Zuvio never actually had any lines of dialogue.

As for how Zuvio wound be an action figure, Abrams told EW, "I guarantee you that as they were reviewing ‘safe’ characters that can be made into action figures and presented to the public, that was one of those characters.  They had no idea and, frankly, we wouldn’t know either back when we were shooting, if he would end up in the final cut."

Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo, who had a hand in naming Zuvio and coming up with his backstory, suggested to EW that Zuvio, "fits in the great tradition of characters like Snaggletooth or Pruneface. Characters that you might have had actions figures of as a kid, but were hard pressed to identify where exactly they were in the movie."

Hidalgo recently to took to Twitter to point out where in the film, if you don't blink, you can spot Zuvio,
Fans who want to learn more about Zuvio should check out Star Wars: Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away - Aliens Vol. 1 by Landry Q. Walker.  It's an anthology of short stories about aliens seen briefly in The Force Awakens and the first story, titled "High Noon on Jakku", is a Constable Zuvio adventure.

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