Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dave Filoni Reveals Intriguing 'Star Wars Rebels' Details At Season Finale Screening

By: Benjamin Hart

Tomorrow the Star Wars Rebels season two finale episode "Twilight Of The Apprentice" will air on Disney XD and we can only assume it will be an eventful and emotional end to the season. Last night Lucasfilm and Disney hosted a press event and private screening of the episode. Afterward, a Q & A was held, modrated by Amy Ratcliffe, which included executive producer Dave Filoni along with other members of the cast and crew. Filoni has become infamous for being coy about answering certain questions regarding his projects, but it seems he was being a bit candid last night. Our friend Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot was there and tweeted a few interesting things Filoni said during the event.

First of all, ever since it was revealed that Captain Rex would be joining the cast of Rebels, there has been an interesting theory floating around connecting the series with Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi. The theory states that the older, bearded Rebel soldier seen on Endor is actually Rex. While he doesn't necessarily confirm the speculation, it appears Filoni does subscribe to this theory:

Secondly, we get something more concrete from Filoni regarding a connection between Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels. We previously learned in the Star Wars Rebels episode "Shroud Of Darkness" that [Spoiler alert!] The Grand Inquisitor, seen in the first season of the series, was previously a Jedi Temple guard. Several guards were seen in The Clone Wars season five finale episode "The Wrong Jedi", but Filoni specifically confirms that the Grand Inquisitor was among the guards that arrested Ahsoka Tano and Barris Offee in that episode:

It's always fun to hear what Dave has to say, espcially when he's dropping nuggets of information like this! I, for one, will never watch The Clone Wars or Return Of The Jedi the same way again.

Source: Bryan Young(Twitter)
Photo via: @MediocreJedi(Twitter)

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