Wednesday, January 6, 2016

'The Force Awakens' Editors Discuss Two Key Scenes From the Film

By: Dominic Jones

The editing for the new Star Wars movie has already received some critical appreciation in the form of an America Cinema Editors "ACE Eddie" award nomination.  The duo who edited Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about their experience working on the film as well as some of the edits made to the final film.

They revealed that the scene where Kylo Ren speaks to Darth Vader's mask originally took place earlier in the film.  Markey said,

"That originally came much earlier in the film.  It was scripted to happen after Poe and Finn escape from the Star Destroyer, and Kylo Ren would be berate himself for having seen that Finn was a traitor on the battlefield and not have done anything about it. But we realized the moment was wasted there. It wasn’t a big enough event and and it came too early in the film.

We moved it to later in the film and made it about his fear about his father’s coming to the planet and his feelings of being pulled toward the light. It had a greater resonance there and greater importance for Kylo Ren’s character."

They also revealed that originally Leia was introduced in the film much earlier.  Brandon explains that,
"At one point, we introduced Princess Leia very early in the film, but [it was decided] we’d see her first through Han’s eyes.  It makes the audience hungry to see her and you are as scared for Han as he is. … I think it also made her character stronger."

Markey added, 
"It also introduced her with such affection; there’s clearly so much feeling between the two of them. It made her introduction more personal."

As for what the experience was like working on the most highly anticipated film of the decade, Brandon said that, "During finishing, we had a security guard with us, wherever the film went."

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