Monday, December 7, 2015

Lawrence Kasdan Reveals That Captain Phasma Was Originally a Male Character

By: Dominic Jones

It's long been rumored that a character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens was male in the original script and then switched to female in later drafts.  Writer Lawrence Kasdan confirmed what many suspected, that Captain Phasma, who's played by Gwendoline Christie in the film, was originally to be played by a man (it is rumored that Benedict Cumberbatch was in talks for the role) but was then gender swapped after the negative reaction to the lack of women in the original cast photo way back in April 2014.  

Kasdan told Vulture,
“We were just casting about for all the characters.  I mean, we were making them up at that moment, as costuming and everything else was happening! It’s not like there was a finished script sitting around for months.”

“Everything was happening simultaneously.  When the idea came up to make Phasma female, it was instantaneous: Everyone just said, ‘Yes. That’s great.’”

This is something that has been speculated for a really long time, so it's nice to get an official confirmation.  I think it was smart and cool of the filmmakers to have listened to the fans and make a change like this.  And seeing all the positive response to Captain Phasma it seems like they made the right choice.

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