Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alamo Drafthouse Opens Star Wars Themed Theater In Nebraska

By: Benjamin Hart

Later this month Star Wars fans are going to be visiting movie theaters many, many times once Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens is released. Fans in Omaha, Nebraska are going to have an extra special experience when they see The Force Awakens in their local Alamo Drafthouse theater, because that one in particular has taken on a most impressive Star Wars theme. With walls, floors and ceilings decked out to look like the interior of the Death Star, and an actual Death Star hanging from the ceiling itself, this theater is a dream come true for moviegoers looking for a truly immersive way to enjoy Episode VII, or any other film. The lobby also includes a replica of Emperor Palpatine's throne which includes controls for the Death Star above it. There is also Star Wars themed signage pointing to "battlestations" and auditoriums.

The team behind the theater spoke with Entertainment Weekly and had this to say:

“The idea behind the lobby is that we wanted to construct and install a lobby theme that would make us unique in our Omaha market as well as the midwest, We also wanted a theme that was built around an iconic film and to completely own that theme to immerse our guests in the experience. That is when Star Wars came into the picture and it just so happened that we timed it out just right with the announcement of the huge plans for a new Star Wars legacy starting this December. It is a permanent installation and will be thee destination to see all of the new Star Wars films.”

If you're not in the Omaha area, this theater is definitely a good excuse to visit and see The Force Awakens while it's being shown there. I know I want to!

Alamo Drafthouse has become know for their very strict rules in their theaters to ensure movie lovers can have a truly unprecedented and pure experience. So be sure not to get their late, or use your phone, or talk during the movie, or you just might end up in the garbage chute.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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