Saturday, November 21, 2015

Two New 'The Force Awakens' TV Spots Reveal More Characters

By: Benjamin Hart

Think we've seen all the TV ads for The Force Awakens? Think again. A brand new duo of TV spots just dropped, and with them comes previously unseen footage. Our friends at Making Star Wars turned us on to these. Despite their poor quality we do get looks at some brand new characters, as well as some we've heard about but haven't seen much of.

The first one, which comes from YouTube user Sarco Plank features some reused footage, but towards the beginning we get a few new scenes with Poe Dameron and two other pilots. Those pilots appear to be Jessika Pava and Nien Nunb. As Making Star Wars reports, Jessika Pava is a character that first appeared in the recently released novel Weapon of a Jedi and has been rumored to be appearing in The Force Awakens, played by Jessica Henwick. Nien Nunb, of course, is the Sullustain who co-piloted the Millennium Falcon with Lando in Return Of The Jedi and was recently confirmed to be among the returning cast of characters.

In addition, a new behind the scenes TV spot aired on Disney Channel in the UK and a recording of it showed up on YouTube courtesy of JoshGillMusic. In it there is some new scenes, as well as some slightly longer versions of previously released footage. The most notable shot comes at 0:17 where we see Finn ignite the Skywalker Lightsaber, and next to him Maz Kanata is in the bottom left corner. Even though Maz has appeared on the theatrical poster, this is the first real close up we've gotten of her.

Epic stuff! It's great to finally get a closer look at Maz Kanata, and seeing who will be part of Poe Dameron's X-Wing Squadron(s) is an extra treat.

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens opens in theaters in the U.S. on December 18th!

Sources: Sarco Plank(YouTube), JoshGillMusic(YouTube)
Via: Making Star Wars

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