Sunday, November 1, 2015

Peter Mayhew Talks About his New 'The Force Awakens' Co-Stars

By: Dominic Jones

Peter Mayhew, The Mighty Chewbacca himself, sat down with Rohan Williams of recently to talk about his return to a galaxy far, far away in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.  Mayhew shared his thoughts on his new co-stars John Boyega and Daisy Ridley, as well as the marketing of The Force Awakens thus far.  

On working with Boyega and Ridley, Mayhew said,
"John, I liked very, very much. He’s a great actor. We had several scenes together, and John is one of those guys who knows how to react to any situation. He’s got a marvelous face… he’s got a wonderful personality. He has an advantage because he has a comic’s sense of humour.

Daisy… was a little bit solid. More like Natalie [Portman] on the other movies [the prequels]. But I think, once she gets to see everything going on, she’s going to enjoy it, because it’s going to relax her. She’s going to be one hell of an actress. She will tell you, she will say, ‘I never thought we could do this, but now I see it’.

When we were at Star Wars Celebration, she was completely different to how she was on set… I think she got taken aside by her agent and told not to be too stiff. So we watched her blossom, from a quiet young lady, into the girl who was there at Star Wars Celebration. She had blossomed; she was beautiful and full of personality. I think she’s got a lot of personality still to come out, and if the right movies come along, she will do very, very well."

Peter Mayhew with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega at Star Wars Celebration
On the "Chewie, we're home" reveal at Star Wars Celebration back in April,
"When I saw it, I had 7,000 people around me. We were at Star Wars Celebration, and George said… no, JJ said, ‘Do you want to see a trailer?’ And everybody says, ‘Yes, please’. The lights go out in the hall, I’m looking up at the screen, and I’m thinking it’s just going to be the sand dunes and blah blah blah. But then Han and Chewie are there, and the line is, ‘Chewie, we’re home’. And everybody in the hall is crying, or laughing, or cheering, or whatever. And I just thought, ‘Wow. How can we not have a success when you get 7,000 people reacting like that?’

“Even the Lucasfilm people, even [producer] Kathleen Kennedy, she’d been up on stage all day, and she was crying. I was standing six or eight feet away from JJ, and he was just going, ‘Hmm… I like this’. It was terrific. It was a terrific thing that we were able to do, and it was such a good way of getting it out to all these people. It was marvellous. It was one of those moments… it gives you pride in what you’ve established."

You can read the rest of the interview, including Mayhew's reaction to reuniting with Harrison Ford, over at

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