Thursday, November 5, 2015

John Boyega Talks Finn, Star Wars Fandom, and More in Interview with Cnet

By: Dominic Jones

As we get closer and closer to the release of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, we're also beginning to learn more about our new stars.  John Boyega was recently the subject on a feature and interview on Cnet, where discussed his role as Finn in The Force Awakens, his own fandom, and reprising Finn for the Disney Infinity commercial.  

When asked about the audition process for The Force Awakens, Boyega said,
"For the first few auditions that I did for “Star Wars,” I had to acquire a dramatic approach because of the content on the page. But then after a while I thought to myself, “Wait, this is ‘Star Wars.’ ‘Star Wars’ is different from any other project. ‘Star Wars’ has its own culture. It has its own energy.”

I said, “You know what? I’m going to go to YouTube, and I’m going to watch Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford’s audition for the original ‘Star Wars’ movie.”

And I watched their audition, and there was this casual approach to danger and to being a hero that I drew some inspiration from. If you see Harrison in his audition and Mark, there’s this, “The ship’s about to blow up, but, woo hoo! Switch to light speed!” I love that. No other movie does that. In another movie they’d be crying and calling their parents, but in “Star Wars” it’s like, “woo!”

It’s all fun. So I’m just like, “I’m going to go in and have a whale of a time.”"

Boyega avoided revealing anything about the plot when asked about his favorite scene to shoot saying,
"Favorite moment, for me, was being in Abu Dhabi in the desert, in full Stormtrooper gear, and standing next to a crashed TIE fighter."

When asked how he felt about bringing some more diversity to Star Wars, Boyega said,
"I think about it. But, to be honest, when you get a call, and you’re a working actor, and they tell you you’ve got an audition for a movie, diversity isn’t the first thing you think about. The first thing you think about is booking the part and doing the best you can. That was seven long months of training, of reading scripts that I wasn’t allowed to bring home, to create this character from scratch. So that for me was the emphasis."

On voicing Finn for Disney Infinity,
"I had a great time doing the voiceover for Finn for “Disney’s Infinity” [game]. The great thing about him is that you get to bring the same spirit of a character I helped create to the gaming world. For me, that is so weird, because I love games.

To see myself in that format, it’s just ridiculous. I can’t even say it’s a dream come true. It’s more like an altered reality. It’s like, seriously, did I just end up in a video game? I mean, you want to be in movies, but then you end up in a video game. It’s crazy."

Boyega also shared what his favorite scene from the previous Star Wars films,
"The scene where Han Solo and Luke have gone to rescue Princess Leia and they’re in the control room [on the Death Star]. There’s a moment where Harrison is talking into the intercom. There’s a little exchange [with a Stormtrooper] and he shoots the intercom. I love that moment. It’s just hilarious and funny."

It's nice to see Boyega getting more exposure, with this being the second major publication he's been featured in this week (he was also profiled in The Hollywood Reporter with his co-star Daisy Ridley).   He seems like a really cool guy and someone who "gets" why being in Star Wars is such a big deal.  I recommend heading over to Cnet to read the rest of the interview.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theatres December 18th.

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