Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Andy Serkis Talks Supreme Leader Snoke With Empire

By: Dominic Jones

One of the many aspects that remain shrouded in mystery surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens is Supreme Leader Snoke.  Snoke is a powerful figure of the Dark Side of the Force, played through motion capture by Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, Rise of the Planet of the Apes).  Empire spoke with Serkis recently about the character.  Some of it is what we already heard from Serkis last week from EW, but there are some interesting new tidbits as well.

Serkis told Empire,
"It was quite an unusual situation.  I worked specifically with Domhnall Gleeson and with Adam Driver. My first day was basically standing on a 25-foot podium doing Lord Snoke without the faintest idea what he looked like... or in fact who he was! I was very high up, totally on my own, away from everybody else, but acting with them."

"He is severely damaged. Although he's a powerful leader, he comes across as vulnerable. Very scarred and disfigured." But the actor assures us that Snoke is a guaranteed force to be reckoned with: “we used sort of a ‘Kongolizer’ method of having sound come out of speakers to give a sense of scale and distance for the character. So it was very challenging and scary, in fact probably one of my most scary film experiences I’ve ever had."

We've all assumed that Snoke would share scenes with Kylo Ren (Driver), but I think this is our first confirmation -though it had been rumored- that he would also be on screen with General Hux (Gleeson).  I'm also intrigued by the way Serkis describes Snoke as being vulnerable, but powerful.  Makes me wonder if part of Snoke's character is to make his opponents think he is weak by playing up his vulnerability, only to surprise them with his true power (like Sidious in Episode III when he pretends to be a weak old man to get Anakin to turn on Mace). 

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